You will not believe the most searched in real time during the 25 years of Google’s life


Everyone uses the browser Chrome, owned by Google. And everyone uses Google, the search engine that gives its name to the very most important company in the technological world along with Microsoft and Apple. In this way, everything stays at home: Google is the owner of our searches.

Having this clear (and here is some help if you want to change your search engine because you got tired of Google), yesterday the CEO of Google gave a piece of news that is not to be overlooked through Twitter -we hope that Elon Musk does not censor more companies- and that has to do with internet searches.

According to Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and one of the most influential men in the world, he announced that during the final of the Qatar 2022 World Cup broke the search record for the platform, which is already 25 years old (Chrome is more modern.)

In the words of Sundar Pichai, the traffic registered during the final in Argentina and France was the highest on record. In his words: it was like the whole world was searching the internet at once.

The Google search engine to burst, but… what was he looking for?

Once we have read this tweet from the CEO of Google, we expected more information about it. Even many data and telecommunications engineers asked him for more information about the traffic record. Unfortunately, they have not given more information about it.

Although they imply that the traffic had a lot to do with the 2022 World Cup final in Qatar (in which Leo Messi made the albiceleste champion for the third time), No data has been given on which terms were the most searched.

cameras in football stadium

But, when referring to the final, it goes without saying that many people would be looking for the result, or the official website of their country to watch the game live or, simply, all the tweets that were launched during the 120 minutes of the game were added. (which could be counted by millions).

The point is that Google, during the game, was busier than ever. What moves soccer.


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