AI reaches captcha: artificially generated images that will make you doubt your humanity


Combining AI with captcha has resulted in “Yoko”, an image that will make you wonder if you are a real person or a bot before accessing a web page.

AI has become a recurring theme in recent weeks. The main reason behind its popularity is the way in which different companies are implementing this technology in their products. The clearest examples may come from Google or Microsoft, but now the AI ​​has arrived at the captcha.

Yes, you read it right. This technology, which is dedicated to verifying that users browsing the internet are real people and not bots, also adds to Artificial Intelligence. Of course, the way in which the captcha will integrate the AI ​​may not be too funny for you. And, it is that, from what has been seen now, the images of the captcha will be made by AI.

This may not seem like a problem, but until now the images that were shown in the captchas were referring to real objects. The integration of AI to generate these images has given rise to images whose protagonists are objects that do not exist in the real world. and that the AI ​​has created at that time.

The clearest example is the one commented by Vice, with “Yoko” being the key word and which has sparked controversy. The framework of all this has occurred when several users wanted to enter Discord and, for this, the social network requested that they solve a captcha which, in one of the cases, asked them to identify a “Yoko”.

Now the captcha will show images made by AI where objects that do not exist like the “Yoko” will appear

By combining a snail and a yo-yo you get a “Yoko” Or, at least, that’s what the image-generative AI that has been integrated into the captcha says. Logically, this object does not exist and is an AI invention. The user who has faced this test has made it clear that the difficulty in identifying a “Yoko” is superlative.

Behind this new captcha generation system is hCaptcha, being a model that has been with us since 2017 and that generates images with which to test people before entering web pages or social networks such as Discord. This model is entered by generating images to be used as captcha.

Although it may seem like a good idea, the truth is that the generation of images for captcha through AI is quite open to criticism. The main complaint towards the system is the fact that the AI ​​is unreliable. and, therefore, the invention of objects that do not exist makes entering a web page or social network an even more tedious process.


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