The 5 sins that are ruining the speed of your WiFi connection


The five mistakes you should avoid with your WiFi router to always maintain the best internet connection.

One of the main complaints that customers have with their WiFi is the stability of the connection and speed, and sometimes the problem is not with your operator, but rather resides in your own home.

That is why you should take into account a series of five fundamental tips to always have the best Internet speed in your home.

And it is that users usually make up to five common errors that, if they are known and solved, will ensure a great speed of Internet for any device in the home.

The first mistake that many users make is to put the router away from one of their most important devices, such as their main computer.

It is convenient that the router we have it close to that computer that we use to work and that must always have the maximum Internet speed

If you have a home office, you should have the router in that same room, although the best option would be in the living room, in the center of the home.

The second mistake that many make is when we have the router between four walls. You should try to place the router in the central place of your house so that all the signal is distributed well. Wifi.

Other mistakes you should be aware of

The third mistake is to leave the main router between construction materials such as concrete or rebar, since having it in these rooms will block the signal, so don’t even think about leaving the router in the basement, for example.

The fourth mistake that many make is leaving the router near other electronic devices such as an oven, a microwave, even near a baby monitor, since these devices can cause interference to your connection.

And the last mistake, and in this case you can do very little, is to avoid having the WiFi router near your neighbor’s router.

In this way, try to put your router in the center of your house, away from the wall that is attached to the neighbor’s house, to avoid interference between the two routers.


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