You will have to run, and a lot, as soon as WhatsApp announces this new function


The arrival of the username in WhatsApp could be imminent. If you don’t want to run out of your preferred username, you should be attentive to the update and hurry up to get ahead of its millions of users.

WhatsApp will introduce a major update that will allow users to select usernames instead of relying solely on phone numbers. This new feature has a significant impact in terms of security and privacy, as it will eliminate the need to share personal phone numbers when communicating in the app.

However, usernames are expected to be unique for each accountwhich means it’s crucial to act quickly to secure the preferred username before another of the more than 2 billion WhatsApp users around the world beats you to it.

The latest beta version of WhatsApp revealed a section dedicated to this function, which would indicate that is under development and could be implemented soon in the application. Users will be able to easily choose their username from the settings section of the app, similar to how they change their profile picture.

The importance of acting quickly lies in the possibility of another user going ahead and selecting the desired username before you do.

Although details about possible limitations on the choice of usernames, such as the exclusion of special characters or numbers, have not been revealed.

WhatsApp Contacts

It is assumed that each username will be unique to avoid confusion, so If you want to have the same username that you have on other social networks, you should hurry up.

It is unknown how the platform will manage usernames associated with famous people, and if it will establish some type of filter so that these types of names cannot be usurped. Another option is for WhatsApp to automatically assign each usernamethat is, it cannot be customized.

Share your nick instead of your number or QR

The introduction of usernames in WhatsApp not only will provide an additional layer of security and privacybut it will also simplify communication by eliminating the need to share phone numbers or QR codes.

This new function joins the previous ones for editing already published messages or the sticker creation tool among the many changes that WhatsApp has brought to the application in recent months.


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