You can now try the Spanish Google Maps, unique in the world


Spain has a lot of history, one of those countries that came to have a great presence worldwide, and we have that historical wealth not only reflected in books, or on websites on the net, but also on maps, and even on maps interactive.

And the Royal Academy of History (RAH) has presented what could be considered the Spanish Google Maps, an immense interactive map full of details of our history that will become an indispensable tool for everyone.

This interactive map has more than 20,000 events and facts from our history, an essential information bank from now on, not only to learn about a story that has marked our present, but also as an informative, educational and cultural vehicle.

The fully interactive map has more than 150,000 geographical points distributed throughout the world, at points where there has been a historical reference to our country. At each of these points we can find a historical note, but also a reference to those who were born or died at that historical point.

You can now try the Spanish Google Maps

Historical facts are collected from the year 1,350,000 BC to the present and that are related to Spain.

How the RAH historical interactive map works

You simply have to access its official page and you will see the world map. If you zoom in on any part of the world, different marks will appear that you can click on.

By clicking on each of these marks on the world map we can see various historical references to access, and then three different tabs such as births, deaths and events.

You can now try the Spanish Google Maps

When accessing any of these points, we will go to another page with several historical lines, related characters, related facts and nearby or related locations.

It also has the relevant search box to go directly to a historical event of your interest and four tabs at the bottom such as “Who, When, Where and What” to allow further search filters.

So the Spanish Google Maps it has come to stay and to be the essential tool for your work, studies and to know your own origins.


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