Wonders of Google Street View, travel through the most surreal places in the world without leaving home


Structures that come out of science fiction movies, huge crustacean statues and people doing completely unknown activities, all concentrated in a walk inside Google StreetView. Yes, the world is full of completely surreal places and now you can visit them all without leaving your home.

The wonders that are hidden in Google Street View are too many to keep track of them or plan a detailed route and that is why the web page known as “Wonders of Street View” was born. On this website you can see a huge number of surreal places and elements that have been immortalized in streetview.

The best thing about this is that the places that are displayed are listed next to their exact location in case you want to visit them in real life. The only catch is that you cannot choose a country to view these completely surreal elements as everything is displayed randomly and therefore you can go from being in the United States to, suddenly, seeing a construction in Japan.

In the time that we have spent on this website we have managed to explore Street View to the fullest. In fact, the trip that we have had randomly has taken us to Lombardy in Italy to see how a dinosaur is up on a telecommunications tower to simulate that it is working.

The mysteries of Google Street View in the light thanks to this web page

After this Italian dinosaur with a degree in telecommunications we have gone to Poland since, in the city of Świnoujście, there is a fence made up of giant colored pencils from what appears to be a primary school. The next jump has been to Oklahoma where you can see a truck standing at a vertical angle with the front resting on the ground.either.

And, is that, the United States appears too explore street view. The reason may be that they have a huge number of completely random elements and for no reason to be located there. In fact, in almost the two hours we’ve spent on Google Street View No place has appeared to us in Spain and that is a pity.

The positive thing is that it is up to anyone interested to find a random and surreal place using this website. The bar is high since seeing a hare fly in Poland or walking through a frozen cave in Russia are, indisputably, images that will be hard to erase from memory.


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