With 5G in its infancy in Spain and South Korea, it is already considering launching the first 6G network


There are certain countries that are strongly committed to the technologyand it is that being at the technological forefront gives great socioeconomic leadership in the long term, and emerging countries such as India, will bet on the new network connectivity, while South Korea wants to set the standards again with the 6Gdespite the fact that there are other countries that are still establishing 5G right now.

As the Yonhap news agency reports, South Korea has announced that they plan to launch their own sixth-generation network in 2028.

This initiative is part of the K-Network 2030 plan and with it South Korea “will ensure world-class 6G technology” and will fully strengthen the supply chain of the grid.

The government wants to encourage local companies to produce equipment, parts and materials for this technology in South Korea.

They plan to develop an open radio access network compatible with any device, which would allow mobile phone operators and any type of company to provide flexible services.

According to the country’s Ministry of Science, efforts are underway to ensure early dominance in future wireless connectivity.

They want to retain their leading position

However, this initiative is aimed at helping South Korea retain its current leading position in infrastructure and network infrastructure, they say.

While 4G was dominated mainly by European and North American companies, Asia took over with the development of 5G technology, with South Korea leading the way.

In this way, South Korea wants to try again to be the leader in network infrastructure with 6G.

South Korea accounted for 25.9% of the number of 5G patents last year, and aims to achieve 30% or more in patents for 6G.


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