Wikipedia updates its design for the first time in 10 years: these are its news


Wikipedia is Internet history. Throughout all these years, Wikipedia has remained a meeting point in which to access a huge information network and, although it continued to function correctly, the truth is that it was about time for a design change.

The day chosen to announce this new design for Wikipedia has been today. The Wikimedia Foundation has announced that the Wikipedia interface has been completely redesigned and that it is one of the most important changes in the last decade. We are going to see in detail the redesign that Wikimedia has carried out.

Wikimedia Foundation has indicated a series of key points to understand this update in design of Wikipedia. Among these key points is the new improved search which, now, takes advantage of images and descriptions to deliver the data in the most precise way possible.

The way in which the language is changed has been updated, which now makes it much easier to switch from one language to another. LThe languages ​​will now be positioned in a more striking way and that will allow easy access to them, in addition to the fact that you can switch between more than 300 languages.

Wikipedia is updated with drastic changes in its design

The Wikipedia header has changed. In the header that has been released today you will find links for use for the contents and for the Wikipedia in general, such as a search box, name of pagesections and that will be modified depending on the content.

Wikimedia Foundation has changed the Interface Wikipedia, although this does not mean that there are no changes within Wikipedia. In fact, a page has been published explaining all the improvements inside Wikipedia that will make the overall experience much more enjoyable.

This update to Wikipedia’s design can now be enjoyed, although you may need to refresh the page or clear your browser’s cache if it doesn’t appear. So if you don’t have this new design, the best thing you can do is be patient as it will arrive sooner rather than later in your version of Wikipedia in the language you use..


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