Wallapop launches into e-commerce to compete with Amazon and Aliexpress: Yupop is born


Wallapop has a new e-commerce platform that wants to compete with Amazon and Aliexpress, offering solutions for freelancers and SMEs.

The market does not stop changing and the competition is getting tougher. The arrival several years ago of Amazon it put an end to a huge number of businesses. These small locals that populated the streets had to lower the blind. Nobody could cope with the prices, offers and services of the American giant. Until now: Yupop is born from the hand of Wallapop.

Wallapop wants to stand up to the big companies in the electronic commerce and offer a space for small and medium-sized companies. Yes, Yupop is born with a line of thought thought before hand. This new platform that is available from today is a breath of fresh air for online sales.

In Yupop there is room for small and medium-sized companies, being a turning point for those SMEs or freelancers who want to create a digital business. In fact, the company itself talks about the fact that they intend to facilitate the jump from the neighborhood store to the online business, without having to create a web page or without having to carry out a digital conversion process.

In addition, Yupop from the hand of Wallapop lands with a series of advantages for SMEs or the self-employed who want to offer their products on this new platform. Among these advantages is that there will be no type of fee or monthly fee. It is a ready-to-use platform with integration with shipping companies and also payment gateways.

Wallapop looks into the eyes of Amazon and Aliexpress with the birth of Yupop

Shipments will be made through Correos, while in the case of payments, both Stripe and PayPal can be used. Yupop offers integration in the main sales engines that are Meta Commerce and Google Shoppingbeing an interesting strategy to speed up the sales process of the different products.

At the level of communication with customers, it offers two of the most used tools: Holded and Mailchimp. Yupop launches into the e-commerce sector as a bridge between small businesses and online sales, providing solutions to the entire digitalization process of online commerce of these SMEs or freelancers.

Yupop definitely wants part of the pie that, right now, Amazon has in its entirety. Now we will have to wait to see how the game turns out for the company and, above all, if SMEs and the self-employed decide to bet on this new platform to attract a purely online audience.


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