Vodafone Spain will promote the first satellite mobile broadband network in Europe


connectivity mobile Current is subject to a multitude of parameters, and many have to do with the terminal in which we connect as well as the operator, and Vodafone Spain wants to take a step forward promoting broadband satellite connectivity for any area of ​​the entire territory, and with that we also talk about rural, remote and maritime areas.

The company plans to start a series of pilot projects this summer to test a voice service and data via satellite with AST SpaceMobile, thus being the first mobile broadband service to connect directly to standard mobile phones with 5G, 4G and 2G via satellite in Spain.

This is part of the successful deployment of the BlueWalker 3 communications satellite last November and the agreement reached with AST SpaceMobile to build this unique mobile broadband satellite network for smartphones.

This technology aims to provide connectivity to users from space, at broadband speeds, regardless of where they live, including rural, maritime or difficult-to-access areas and, very importantly, it would also be capable of providing communications in the event of an emergency or natural disasters.

The pilot projects of vodafone Spain that will be put into the fray will test this satellite connectivity directly with standard mobile phones planning to carry out a series of tests that include voice and data services.

Vodafone Spain expects the terrestrial coverage footprint to reach up to 95%

Thanks to this satellite connectivity, voice calls, messaging, emergency services, broadband Internet connection and Internet of Things services will be provided with a network architecture designed to allow mobile phones to switch between different spatial networks. and terrestrial automatically.

When the service is operational, Vodafone Spain expects the terrestrial coverage footprint to reach up to 95%.

Spain plans to apply for registration of the satellite network and there are intentions that the command center for traffic management in the Mediterranean is also located in our country, managed by Vodafone Spain.

Our purpose is to ensure that everyone has access to the services and benefits of a digital society, no matter where they live.“, points out Julia VelascoDirector of Vodafone Spain Network.

We believe that SpaceMobile is the most technologically advanced solution in this emerging technology. For this reason, we are proud to be pioneers in Spain and carry out pilot tests here, where the first call between AST SpaceMobile and a standard 4G terminal in Europe is expected to take place, as well as tests in maritime corridors.“, comments Yago Tenoriodirector of Network Strategy and Architecture of the Vodafone Group.

Vodafone Spain is an important partner as we seek to improve connectivity throughout the country and extend the coverage even to the most remote areas“, Add Abel AvellanPresident and CEO of AST SpaceMobile.


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