Use GPT-4 and other artificial intelligence for free without paying anything


After the premiere of GPT-4 in style, there are many who already want to try it. The problem is that for the moment the official version is paid, although there is a website that will allow you to test it completely free of charge.

OpenAI recently released its latest model GPT-4, which is far more powerful than anything the company behind it, OpenAI or others, has released so far. It is the largest language model system that this company has developed and also includes multimodal functionality accepting images as input.

Other than that, it does well on reasoning tests and supports around 26 different languages. That being said, GPT-4 is not available to users for free.

The only way to access it is with a subscription to ChatGPT Plus, which grants subscribers access to the model at the price of $20 per month. However, even through this subscription, there will be a user limit, which means that you may not be able to access it whenever you want, something to consider before making the investment.

Of course, there is a free way to access the text capacity of GPT-4 and that is by using Bing Chat. On the day that OpenAI introduced GPT-4, Microsoft shared that its own chatbotit had been running on a slightly older version Light of GPT-4 since its launch. It is free to use, but requires registration through a waiting list.

Despite all this, tell you that really Yes, you can access this model in its entirety and for free and it is through


Use GPT-4 for free on

Nat Friedman, the former CEO of GitHub, has developed an amazing tool to compare various LLM models offered by companies. artificial intelligence of all the world.

You can use it to compare GPT-4 with other models or just explore the model. That being said, you are limited to 10 queries per day, which is reasonable. So, To use GPT-4 for free, these are the steps to follow.

1. Go to in your browser and sign up for a free account. You can also sign in with any of your Google accounts.


2. After logging in, change the ‘Model’ to ‘GPT-4’ in the right pane. You can also customize other settings, but initially, keep everything default. Now, you are all set to ask questions to GPT-4 for free and will respond instantly as there is no queue.

Of course and as you can see, There are several language models based on artificial intelligence separated by their large developer companiesso why not browse through all of them.

Note that Nat Friedman is paying for the GPT-4 API in exchange for a huge amount of traffic that leads to his Discord channel, but it’s free for you. At the moment, access is unlimited and you can even run another chatbot of AI in the same panel. But there’s not much certainty for how long and if the control panel will be limited in the future.


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