Trendy pearl necklace for spring


Spring is just a step away, temperatures seem to be starting to rise, giving way to one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. It starts to get hotter, the days get longer, the plans start to multiply and the clothes and accessories for the new spring-summer season appear and we love that.

For this reason, the time has come to start preparing our closet, knowing the trends that will take place in the coming months. And one of the main ones to take into account is one of the most timeless, since no matter how much time passes, the pearl necklace will always be a must in our jewelry box.

Now, how will this classic and beautiful jewel this season? Next, I tell you everything.

How to wear the pearl necklace

It is very likely that if you think of a pearl necklace, several styles with a common factor, sophistication, come directly to your head, such as the girly style or the preppy style. But the truth is that, depending on how you look at this accessory, it is possible to achieve different touches and finishes. Therefore, it is important to take into account the different ways in which this trend is going to be worn this coming season.

  • Whether talking about fashion or accessories, a key trend of the moment is the layering, which comes to mean placing one layer on top of another. In the case of the pearl necklace, it refers to using several similar ones or chains with different characteristics in the same look, achieving a very chic touch.
  • There is also talk of extreme necklaces, either with complicated tangles, several turns or XXL size.
  • And in contrast to what was mentioned above, minimalist pearl necklaces should also be taken into account, because they can elevate a look thanks to their simplicity, nothing more is needed.
  • The combination of pearls and gold is a must to take into account. Could there be anything more exclusive than this mix?
  • Other models of pearls to take into account are the smaller ones or even colored pearls.
  • And when it comes to combining it with other garments, the key will be in pastel colours, a staple of recent springs and which will also be worn again this year. The result? A sweet and romantic look that I love.

Other ways to wear pearls that will be a trend this season

But pearl necklaces will not be the only way to show off this precious element. We will also see pearls in other accessories and other garments, such as earrings, bags, belts, jackets and even as makeup.

Be that as it may, it is clear that pearls will be one of the great trends of the next spring-summer 2023 season.

And you, do you dare to wear pearl necklaces? How would you combine them to create a scandalous look? I would love to read your ideas.


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