Trendy jewelry and how to wear it


Jewelry is an accessory that cannot be missing when defining an avant-garde style. The accessory that provides the shine you need to stand out must make you look fashionable, modern and elegant.

Choosing the right jewelry is just the first step to achieving a perfect image. The next thing is to know how combine them and show them off according to the canons dictated within the trends of the moment. It is always advisable to follow the advice of experts or keep an eye on the catwalks and fashion magazines to define which of the dominant styles fits our personality.

Each type of accessory will have its rules to show it off better. It does not matter if it is the earrings, the earrings, the bracelets or the necklaces. Even the materials play a fundamental role and in this season the lighting is put on by gold, silver and the shine of natural stones.

The earrings are a classic that always goes with everything

When we talk about earrings, hoops have a very special place. This accessory never goes out of style on the contrary, it adjusts to the trends, usually standing out as one of the favorites. In Nydia Jewels the proposals for these jewels are as varied as they are interesting and they always remain at the forefront with the proposed designs.

The rules for the rings is to wear more than one, in a cascading layering effect, bring additional movement to the jewels. The earrings are worn in different sizes, either one inside the other or below the size scale.

The hoop earrings They can also offer different designs such as curly ones or those decorated with natural stones or zircons, which offer additional color and shine. Without forgetting the most creative shapes, such as ovals and other geometric figures that attract a lot of attention and look spectacular.

Hoops in large sizes

In addition to the trend of wearing layering-style earrings, this season also invites large and very striking sizes. Preferably the earrings, as well as the rest of The jewels look better made in silver or gold.

Fashion chooses cuts and styles that evoke vintage trends, but more striking, and especially that tell things about your personality. For this, hoop earrings with pendants are ideal.

Motifs that honor nature or emotions are among the favorites with images of lightning, suns, stars, birds, flowers, animals, among others. Without missing the mystical elements or faith.

Necklaces and bracelets cannot be missing from your jewelry

To accompany your golden hoops or any earring you choose, we recommend choosing one cute matching jewelry. Start with the necklace that is the closest, together with the previous ones it will frame your face and give it shine.

Like the rest of the pieces, the layering style is also applied to the necklaces. Of course, when opting for this design, choose pieces with different thicknesses and designs, but not too large. Remember to maintain harmony in the group that you are forming.

A large necklace goes perfectly with just a few thin chains and a choker. If it is a size XL it is preferable to wear it alone. Now, if you prefer to wear several necklaces together, start with a short chain with small charms. If your earrings have zircons, you would make a great choice if the lights on your neck also.

Longer chains can reach below the belly button and end with a nice natural stone pendant. Choose a bold and meaningful color for you. The set will look like a magazine and you will be attracting all eyes.

The bracelets and rings

The bracelets and bangles They are in charge of illuminating your arms and complementing the outfit. The latest trends dictate them full of color, with pendants and stones that stand out among the chains with different styles.

In the case of rings, the most worn come in sets that extend along the fingers, also occupying each of the five. Natural stones are very present, especially in large designs, making it clear that the jewelry trend has opulence and showiness as its motto.


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