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On many occasions I have recommended stores and boutiques where you can get the ideal garments for any occasion and as I always tell you that a look is never complete without the right accessories, today I want to take the opportunity to also talk to you about some other jewelry store, so that you can find your favorite pieces for any outfit.

Next, my top 5 favorite jewelry stores, will you come with me to meet them?

Alda Jewelers

It is a jewelry store specializing in gold and diamonds where you can find all kinds of pieces at the best price. It is the ideal option for those looking for special 18 and 9 carat jewels.

But the best thing that this cheap jewelry store offers is the possibility of getting personalized pieces, with the most special engravings for your loved ones. The perfect alternative for all kinds of gifts.

But there is still more and that is that the advantages of Alda Joyeros do not stop. It should be noted that within its extensive catalog we can also find jewelry for all ages, from delicate and simple pieces for the little ones in the house, to all kinds of pieces for men and women. Whatever you are looking for, I am sure you can find it in this incredible online jewelry store.

Saint Saru

San Saru was born in 2015 as a result of the union of two traveling souls and the great experiences they accumulated through their trips around the world. In them, they got to know other cultures and realized the great importance and exquisiteness of activities as simple and enriching as crafts.

And so, this beautiful project was born that offers as a result silver jewelry, made by hand and with a striking ethnic style.

Within its wide collection, we can find all kinds of jewelry of various designs, for all tastes and all occasions, you just have to find your favorite, although it can be complicated, since they are all impressive.

tell me you Love Me

It is an artisan jeweler with 12 years of experience in the sector, during which it has offered all kinds of high-quality pieces, from unique personalized jewels to its own designs, including spectacular collections with precious stones.

If you are looking for a unique jewel at the most affordable price, you cannot miss visiting Tell me you love me, either through its website or in one of its two physical stores located in Madrid.

Eva Verdeal, creator of the brand, says that anything can be inspiring for her designs, but the main style of her creations revolves around romanticism and I love that.

You run Madrid

Corres Madrid has been offering its exquisite artisan creations for nine years now. Ainhoa ​​Casullas, the mind behind the art, has not invented anything, but has been able to carry out incredible reinterpretations of two classic jewelery pieces such as the slaves and the seals.

How could it be otherwise, Corres Madrid offers the possibility of obtaining personalized pieces, made to measure, but always providing your personal touch, a combination of different styles among which art-deco, retro-futurism and surrealism can be highlighted. . The result? Handmade jewelry that you are going to love and that you will want to wear on any occasion, I assure you.


It is clear that PDPAOLA’s creations have become a must for jewelry lovers. And of course, its careful and exclusive designs are a large part of the brand’s charm, but the values ​​behind this Spanish company are also largely responsible for the success achieved by the brothers Paola and Humbert since the founding of their firm in 2014. And one of the main and most important, especially in these times, is, without a doubt, the sustainability that surrounds all his creations, even going so far as to dedicate, since last year 2022, a space to this important path, where they show the small advances and their clear conviction of the need for this ethical commitment.

Did you know these jewelry stores and brands? Which is your favorite?


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