Top 5 best fruits for summer


During the heat of summer the fruits arrive to give us their freshness, a delicious flavor and a large number of nutrients. But… What are the best of the summer? There are many, and there are no better than others. The important thing here is to take advantage of the seasonal ones to enjoy all their benefits.

If at this time you like to eat lighter to maintain your weight, you worry about take care of your skinyour digestive system and your health in general, fruits are the best snack you can choose. As well as the ideal dessert and even an excellent companion for your breakfasts.

Today, we will show you 5 options of fruits for summer that will be your allies when the temperatures begin to rise. List?

Advantages of eating fruits

Advantages of eating fruitsEating fruit offers a wide range of health benefits. During any time of the year they should be part of our diet, but in summer they become even more necessary, to help us hydrate and cool off from the intense temperatures. And here I want to show you some of its advantages are:

  • Nutrient Source: They are a great source of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • High in dietary fiber: fruits contain dietary fiber, key to maintaining a healthy digestive system. That is, prevent constipation, promote regular intestinal transit and even support weight control.
  • hydrate: Many of the fruits for summer like watermelon, strawberries or pineapple have a high water content, which makes them an excellent option to stay hydrated. A very important point when the summer heat does its thing.
  • They have low calories: many are low in calories, making them a great option to eat between meals, when you are looking to maintain or lose weight.
  • They strengthen the immune system: orange, lemon, guava… all are fruits full of vitamin C, essential for strengthening the immune system.
  • Nourish the skin: some fruits are rich in antioxidants, a nutrient that can slow premature aging and promote healthy, radiant skin.
  • Improves digestion: thanks to its fiber they help regulate intestinal transit and promote healthy digestion. This can prevent problems like constipation and promote an efficient digestive system.
  • Refreshing: They are a refreshing and natural option to beat the summer heat. You can enjoy fresh fruit straight from the fridge or even freeze some to create delicious, natural, low-calorie homemade ice cream or fruit popsicles.

The best fruits for summer

After seeing all the advantages that eating fruit offers for the summer, or at any time of the year. Let’s see this selection of 5 options that yes or yes you should have in your home. Ready?


To stay hydrated, one of the best fruits for summer is watermelon. Did you know that your water content is 92%? This will help you cool down your body and keep your fluid balance under control. But water is not the only thing it offers you, it is also rich in antioxidants, minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron, as well as vitamins of group B, C and E.

Another advantage is that it is an inexpensive fruit, since it is in season you can always have it at home. Just remember that once chopped you must keep it covered with cling filmin this way it will last between 3 to 4 days in good condition.


Sweet and refreshing, the melon is a great fruit for the summer, ideal to eat in pieces as a snack, prepare fruit water, and even, as a cold appetizer, accompanied by slices of Iberian ham. Perhaps it is precisely this recipe that is responsible for melon being one of the most consumed fruits in Spain during this epic. What do you think?

In addition to its flavor, its nutritional properties make it an option that you should include on your list. starting with his high water content perfect for keeping hydrated and fresh. Added to being a source of potassium, antioxidants, vitamins C and B9, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. Regarding its contribution of sugar and calories is low, only 35 per 100 g of fruit.

To preserve it, once it is ripe, it is better in the cold, covered with plastic wrap to protect it and prevent it from impregnating with other flavors. But unlike watermelon, it’s best to eat it as soon as possible.


The best fruits for summerAre especially sweet during the summer, so at this time you should take advantage of them. Just forget the classic orange juice for breakfast, and choose to eat the fruit in pieces. In this way you will be enjoying all its benefits.

It is a fruit rich in vitamin C, and its soluble fiber content is very high, contributing to the good health of your digestive system, as well as boosting your immune system and preventing diseases.


It is a seasonal fruit, which means that its properties and flavor are at their best, so they should be on your list. Just try to find local farmers to buy a fresh and organic product.

The versatility of strawberries makes them the favorite of many, I love it. For this reason, I eat it for breakfast with yogurt, and as a snack accompanied by almonds and a piece of dark chocolate. The perfect combination.

Why do you like it so much? In addition to their flavor, they are very low in calories, only 35 per 100 g of fruit, they have a high content of agua, vitamin C, E, B3, B6, B2, B1, B9 and A. And as if this were not enough, it also provides iron, iodine, zinc, calcium, sodium and magnesium.

To preserve them, it is enough to wash them very well, dry them and Keep in an airtight containerit can be glass with kitchen paper in the background to absorb moisture.


As a spring and summer fruit, it is an ideal fruit for store whole in the refrigerator and eat it fresh in pieces. But it is also delicious in a cake, in a fruit salad or in smoothies.

If we talk about its properties, it is mineral source such as calcium, sodium, zinc, iodine, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and magnesium. As well as vitamin C, B6, B3, B2, B1, carotenes, and dietary fiber. So it is a antioxidant fruit, which contributes to the health of the heart and digestive system.

Fruits, the healthiest snack for this summer

In the summer, it’s common to crave lighter, cooler foods. Fruits are an excellent healthy and natural snack option. In addition, they are very practical, you do not need any preparation to be ready to enjoy. You can take them with you and eat anywhere. Perfect to take to the office, when you go for a walk or on a trip. It will be the ideal snack, full of vitamins and flavor.

Which fruit would you add or which is your favourite? Tell me and don’t forget to put them on your super list.


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