Tips for spinning at home in summer


With the arrival of summer, many of us find it difficult to practice sports regularly, plans, vacations and high temperatures make us lose the perseverance that has cost us so much to achieve over the last few months.

For this reason, one of the most appropriate options for not losing your routine during the summer is to practice exercise in your own home, since in this way it is not necessary to waste time going to the gym and you can carry out your exercise routine anywhere. free time, among other benefits.

And among the sports that can be practiced at home, one of the best alternatives is spinningsince you only need one stationary bicycle to carry out. In addition, another series of advantages is also added, such as that it is an exercise capable of helping us burn calories, allowing us to lose weight, but not only that, but it also helps to tone up. Similarly, spinning helps improve cardiovascular health and reduce stress that we can suffer due to numerous factors and, best of all, it makes all this possible with minimal risk of injury, since neither the back nor the joints suffer during these intense workouts.

However, it is important to take into account a series of simple tips so that spinning at home during the summer months is fully productive, which is why we are going to follow the recommendations of the sports equipment specialists Don Deporte.


Some tips to keep in mind to do spinning correctly in your own home

Before starting with the list of tips, it is worth noting, for those who are not familiar with spinning, what this exercise consists of. Well, you may have also heard this type of gymnastics under the name of indoor cycling, and it is a aerobic exercise carried out on a stationary bike. During a spinning session, the intensity of the pedaling is alternated during different ranges of time, reaching a total of between 45 minutes and an hour, approximately, during the entire routine.

And now that we know the details, let’s move on to the tips:

  • First of all, ventilation is essential to practice sports at any time of the year and the more during the summer, so it is best to opt for an outdoor space, such as a terrace or balcony, a patio or a garden. In any case, it is not always possible to carry out the exercise in one of these places, so there is another option, place a fan in such a way that the air is directed directly to the upper part of the body.
  • Like the ventilation perspiration is also essentialTherefore, it is necessary to opt for comfortable, breathable and technical clothing, in order to properly expel sweat.
  • And linked to this, we continue with the third tip. Always have a towel handyto eliminate excess sweat during exercise.
  • Of course, hydration is basic during the practice of any exercise, especially when sweating is high. It is recommended to drink, above all, after carrying out the exercise for half an hour, opting for water or a very cool isotonic drink, although care must be taken, since if the temperature is too low, it can make us feel bad.
  • As I mentioned before, you also have to pay attention to the full workout duration, since it should not be too high, especially if we are not used to this type of exercise. Experts recommend spinning sessions of between 45 minutes and one hour.
  • To avoid any type of distraction and to be able to follow an indoor cycle session without any problem, it is best to choose to follow a predesigned training plan. You can find numerous routines of this type of exercise, in a simple way, on the internet.
  • On the other hand, one of the benefits that exercise bikes offer us is that, in addition to being able to practice pre-designed exercises such as spinning, it also allows us to pedal at our leisure. So, if you prefer this type of routine, you can practice sports while listening to music or even watching a serieson any type of device you have at hand.
  • The last piece of advice, but by no means the least important, is that you have a quality spinning bike, since this will help us to be constant, it will be long-lasting and it will not give us problems, among other benefits.


Now that you know all this, there is no excuse not to continue getting in shape even during the summer, do you dare to try spinning in your own home?


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