TikTok wants its own ChatGPT and it will be called “Tako”


Tako will be the ChatGPT of TikTok, the short video social network aims to integrate an AI with which users can interact.

TikTok seems ready to jump on the AI ​​bandwagon. The latest rumors about the short video social network suggest that it has in mind the creation of its own ChatGPT to compete with OpenAI. Among the leaks, the supposed name with which it would take and it would be “Tako” has been revealed.

Yes, “Tako” is what TikTok would call its own ChatGPT. With Tako, the company aims to delve into the field of natural language processing and revolutionize the way users interact with AI systems. And, is that, there is a question to solve that is the reason behind integrating a chatbot in a social network.

By developing an in-house alternative to ChatGPT, TikTok hopes to further improve user experiences and harness the immense potential of AI-powered conversation. Although details about Tako are limited, it’s clear that TikTok is determined to make a big impact in the field.

With TikTok’s extensive user base and experience delivering engaging content, Tako could offer a fresh perspective on AI-powered conversations. TikTok’s foray into the field of language models poses an intriguing challenge for OpenAI.

Tako, this is the name of the TikTok ChatGPT that arrives to compete with the OpenAI one

The leak comes from Watchful.ai, even integrating screenshots in which you can see the operation of this new AI that will be integrated into TikTok. Tako is currently undergoing testing in various countries worldwide.

TikTok wants its own ChatGPT and it will be called “Tako”

The chatbot will be available within the TikTok app, accessible through an icon located on the right side of the user interface. When using Tako, users will find an interface similar to a chatin which they will be able to consult the language model that gives life to Tako through text messages.

It seems clear that Tako is based on a language model developed by an external company, and does not use AI technology created by TikTok. In addition, it has been confirmed that the chatbot will not be available in the accounts of underage users. Likewise, TikTok reserves the right to review user conversations with the bot in order to improve the experience.


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