This is the danger you run with the mobile WiFi connection, when leaving home


what do you do with your mobile when go out of home? Surely nothing, beyond keeping it in your pocket. And that is a security problem, according to the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE).

Most mobile users connect to the Wi-Fi of the home or the job, when they are on these sites, because it is free, and it is usually faster. Instead, when they go out street the mobile automatically switches to the mobile internet connection through the 3G, 4G or 5G antennas.

This is normal, and here we make the first mistake: believing that when we are on the street, we are using our mobile Internet connection. But it’s not always like this.

The dangers of WiFi always on

In its default operating mode, the smartphones who have the Wi-Fi enabled attempt to connect to a priority Wi-Fi network, because it is free. This way you save data from your 4G or 5G connection.

while you go walking down the street you meet hundreds, thousands of WiFi networks of shops, houses, and other places, but they are password protected private networksso the mobile does not try to connect to them.

But if you meet a public Wi-Fi network that does not require a password, perhaps intentionally set up by a cybercriminal, could connect to it automatically. And this is where the problems begin.


According to INCIBE, via Business Insider: “if you can avoid it, don’t connect to open wireless networks. Both the administrator and some of the connected users can use techniques to steal information from us.”

If the mobile has activated the automatic connection, it will connect to any public WiFi network it finds. Theoretically nothing will happen just by connecting, unless someone openly attacks your connection. But if you start to navigate without realizing that you are not on your mobile Internet, already enter websitesyes you could infected by malware or spyware.

To avoid this, the most practical is disable Wi-Fi to the leaving home, and turn it back on when you return. It’s just touching an icon, and also you will save battery.


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