These are the top search engines of 2023


Although Google maintains a market share of more than 85%there are many other search engines, and some offer advantages and benefits that Google does not.

It is true that the factor that defines the success of Google is the algorithm that offers users the most relevant results and, above all, an unparalleled personalized user experience. However, in recent years it must be added that users have grown tired of all the data that Google tracks for advertising.

Exploring different search engines and comparing their results, you can find the ones that best suit your needs and preferences. Some are region specific and others are accessible to a global audience.

For example, some search engines provide increased privacy and security, while others offer rewards in the form of gift cards for using them. Listed below The top five search engines worth using in 2023 (ignoring Google).

  1. Bing
  2. Yahoo!
  3. Baidu
  4. Yandex
  5. DuckDuckGo
Search Engine



bing is second Search Engine in the world by market share. Some people prefer it to Google. Its main characteristics are similar although with slight differences.

This is great for video searches, as it presents results as large thumbnails that you can hover over to preview the sound.


Like Google, Bing is packed with in-house tools like currency conversion, translation, and flight tracking, making it a truly adaptable tool that competes successfully on a global scale. Of course, here Microsoft enters the game and also collects data from each access to searches.

Finally, when you search with Bing, you can join Microsoft Rewards to earn points for every search you do on Bing. Over time, your points will accumulate and you can redeem them for gift cards.



Even though Bing owns Yahoo, the search engine results for any given phrase are not identical at the two sites. Results vary even more for certain words, non-US searches, and search results beyond the first page.

Although some consider Yahoo to be outdatedhas been running longer than Google and it is still the third most used search engine worldwide. Even Firefox uses it as the default search engine.

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Making Yahoo your default home page will give you access to sports, news, entertainment, tech tips, and more. There’s also Yahoo Finance, which gives you access to cutting-edge financial information.

Yahoo Plus offers benefits like personalized subscriptions, disposable email addresses, technical support, sports search tools, and much more. Also, some people prefer Yahoo’s blue interface to that of Bing. Like Bing and Google, collects personal information when users register and use its services.



Chinese company Baidu focuses specifically on the local Chinese market (although Google is all over the world). Simply put, Baidu accounts for more than 72% of searches in China. Despite having a deceptive reputation as an Internet search engine, it features article inclusions very similar to Google’s.

It’s in Mandarin, but it sounds a lot like Google. It has a similar design, earns money from advertising, and drives search results. But Baidu is very restricted. in engine search certain photos and even pro-democracy websites are prohibited.



Yandex is a Russian technology company known for the creation of its Yandex. According to Statcounter, Yandex had a 39.6% market share in Russia, compared to Google’s 57.9% in July 2020. It should be noted that all of its source code has recently been leaked.

This is used to search like other search engines like Google or Bing: you enter the query, press enter and a bunch of results will appear. According to a study, Yandex generates 52% of web traffic in Russia. Besides, it grew in popularity when Russian Android phones decided to stop using Google as the default search engine in 2017.

Mind you, while it works like most conventional search engines, there are some key differences that set Yandex apart from other competitors like Google.

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For example, Yandex places more emphasis than Google on local SEO and regionality and performs geodependent searches They only show websites from a specific region. This means that people in different places will be shown different results for the same search term.

On the other hand, user behavior as well as dwell time is a key ranking factor for Yandex. Although Google also takes this into account, it is a critical factor for a good ranking in Yandex.

Finally, while link building is still important, it’s more about driving relevant traffic to your site than demonstrating its power or reliability. The age of the domain and the date of creation play a more important role in the positioning in Yandex, so you can find a lot of outdated content.



Since it first appeared in 2008, DuckDuckGo has consistently taken an “anti Google” stance. Of course, they interact with Google and Bing for additional personalized results.

Regarding security, does not track passwords or retain information about individual aspects (such as IP addresses). Although it saves the sources, DuckDuckGo claims that it does so without connecting to the client.

DuckDuckGo’s most notable feature is its fire button, which clears all open tabs of your data and deletes all cookies and history in one click. Thus, each time you use the search engine, it will appear that you are doing so for the first time, with no trace of your previous activity or data.

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There are three types of custom animations to choose from when deleting your tabs and data: Inferno, Whirlpool, and Airstream. There is also an option for it to have no effect, although it is rather boring by comparison.

If you search through Google, you may see ads in the first search results. When you search for something in DuckDuckGo, you’ll see fewer ads in the results. Also, because DuckDuckGo blocks online trackers, ads won’t follow you wherever you go, as they often do, which is certainly a big plus.



We wanted to leave this search engine aside because it can’t even be considered really useful. However, it is quite strikingsince it seems that the future of search engines powered by AI is already with us and it comes with the name You.

In short, You is not just a search engine. And it is that, this will search the web, and even more deeply in the content of very specific websites for any type of information. Basically what we find is a much richer engine that you can access in a very simple way to what you want.

It is true that the basic You search engine requires some effort to get the most out of it, but it may be a matter of time and certain improvements in the technology behind it.

Also, note that it has a chatbot in the pure ChatGPT style, with the name YouChat that will also serve as a guide during your search process. Here, we add, we will not find, at least for the moment, large amounts of ads as is the case with Google.


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