These are the square satellite dishes that Amazon’s satellite internet will use


Soon Starlink is going to have more competition, with Amazon’s Project Kuiper. And that sure helps lower prices.

Amazon has presented today the satellite dishes that customers will use Project Kuiperhis Internet connection through satelite. The competition of starlink it’s closer.

As explained in the press release, Amazon wants its satellite internet connection Project Kuiper, which surely will not be the final name, is used by “dozens of millions of people“.

To achieve this, the first challenge is that the satellite dishes be cheap to manufacturebut at the same time powerful, to obtain a good Internet connection.

The e-commerce giant has spent two years developing the satellite dishes that it has presented today, with a surprising rectangular design, in three sizes.

Amazon satellite dishes

He standard model will be the most used, designed to be installed in the roof or on the exterior walls of a house or a small or medium business

It has a size of 28 x 28 centimeters, and only 2.5 centimeters thick. It weighs 2.26 kilos, without the anchor foot. You can see it here:

amazon antenna

With this satellite dish you can get a satellite connection from up to 400Mbps.

Amazon has managed to reduce the manufacturing price below the 400 dollars.

There is an even smaller antenna, only 18 x 18 centimeters, and 450 grams in weight. is the portable antenna that you can see in the opening photo of the news. It is designed to offer a mobile connection anywhere, and can reach a speed of up to 100Mbps.

Lastly, we have the mega antenna 48 x 76 centimeters, designed for large companies, governments, and communications projects. It will offer a satellite connection of up to 1Gbps:

Amazon satellite dish

The satellite connection will be managed by a chip Amazon’s own called Prometheuswhich combines the processing power of a 5G modem, the ability of a mobile phone base station to handle the traffic of thousands of customers at the same time. and the ability of a backhaul antenna to support powerful point-to-point connections. All on a single chip.

Prometheus It will be installed both on the antenna and on the satellites that will move in low Earth orbit.

Amazon goes after Elon Musk: receives FCC approval to put 3,236 satellites into orbit

Speaking of satellitesAmazon is going to launch two prototype satellites this same year aboard the centaur vulcan rocketby United Launch Alliance. It will also transport the DNA of 4 North American presidents into deep space, and the ashes of the creator and several Star Trek actors.

Curious that Amazon does not use Jeff Bezos’s space company, Blue Origin. Although maybe I will for the final deployment.

If all goes well, the plan Amazon is to launch the first satellites of Project Kuiper in the first half of 2024, and start with the service of satellite internet connection to customers to end of 2024. There is still more than a year to go, but today we have already been able to see the satellite dishes that those clients will use.


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