These are the best VPNs of 2023 to protect your privacy on PC, Android, Mac and more


The Internet is a very large and increasingly dangerous place. The levels of malware on the internet are increasing. There are also more and more restrictions when browsing some platforms or websites, making it impossible to see content depending on which country you are in.

VPN services are the best long-term solutions to get safe internet browsing and also with which you can skip those annoying country blocks.

If you want to watch sports from a platform that is not available in Spain or does not offer the same content, with a VPN you can solve it. maybe you want to see the Netflix or Disney+ catalog in another country? Even buy and activate digital games that can only be used in other countries. on Telegram on Telegram

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These are some of the best VPN services you can get right now and The best free VPNs you can use.

Not all VPNs are the same. There are many paid ones, but above all many free services that are attractive or offer many gigabytes of browsing, but are far from safe.

All the services that we highlight They ensure that they do not store information about what you visit and also allow you to use streaming services or P2P programs with complete freedom.

  1. NordVPN
  2. Tunnel Bear VPN
  3. ProtonVPN
  4. IvacyVPN
  5. MozillaVPN
  6. surfshark

NordVPN from €4.99

Person watching a football game thanks to a VPN service
Sign up for NordVPN

Sign up for NordVPN

Use one of the most widely used VPNs in the world to browse safely, from other countries and from all your devices with NordVPN from €4.99.

VPN security packages

NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN services in the world. Thanks to its really low prices and all its functions, it is today one of the most used.

The advantages of NordVPN are the protection of browsing via all its servers spread all over the world. You can choose the one closest to your location to browse faster or another one of the 59 countries that they offer to be able to hire services from other countries, buy digital games or watch content from streaming platforms that are not available in Spain.

NordVPN has several pricing plans. The most popular are the annual prices because the cost per month is practically nothing, from €6.69 per month billed to €46.28 annually.

The best offer is the two-year plan, staying at 4.99 euros per month with a payment of 134.73 euros and you won’t have to worry about your VPN for two years.

TunnelBear from €3


Tunnel Bear VPN

TunnelBear It is a very interesting option for those looking for a VPN service that is extremely easy to use and with great speed. Best of all is that has a completely free VPN version.

TunnelBear has three types of accounts. The corporate one with unlimited secure browsing, 5 devices connected at the same time and administrative management for teams from 5.4 euros per month.

The interesting one for everyone is the “unlimited” account with 5 devices and unlimited browsing. It also has priority customer service for about 3 euros per month.

But if you only need to browse for a moment from another country to visit a specific website, They offer a free service with 500 megabytes per month.

Proton VPN from €4.99


Proton VPN Plans

Proton is a Swiss company that has an impeccable history of security and privacy with services like its Proton Mail email manager. They also have ProtonVPNa privacy-focused and encrypted VPN browsing service.

You can contract from 4.99 euros per month with access to more than 1,700 servers in 60 countries, without speed limit and with 10 connections at the same time. They also certify that they do not keep records of what you do while browsing, allow streaming services, P2P/BitTorrent and have malware protection.

Proton VPN also has a free browsing service with unlimited data, but average speed, from 3 countries: USA, Netherlands and Japan.

Ivacy VPN from €1.07


If you want to get browsing protection with a very complete and cheap VPN, IvacyVPN is another provider where you can get services such as malware protection, a strict policy of not recording your browsing data, high-speed downloads, or support for using P2P networks.

With this VPN service you can use it on up to 10 devices from 1 euro per month, billed annually for a total of 60 euros.

Mozilla VPN from €4.99


Mozilla VPN Plans

Mozilla is one of the most beloved companies and organizations on the Internet for being one of the standard bearers of the open Internet for decades. As developers of the Firefox browser, they know the need to have a way to browse the Internet securely and privately.

With MozillaVPN You can contract a secure VPN service from Mozilla and from only 4.99 euros per month in an annual plan.

It has the possibility of connecting up to 5 devices at the same time, they have more than 400 servers in 30 countries, encryption of all device communications and no bandwidth restrictions.

It also has a six-month plan for 6.99 euros per month billed at 41.94 euros or a month-to-month plan for 9.99 euros per month.

Surfshark from €2.49

Surfshark VPN on mobile

Surfshark Plans

surfshark is another famous VPN service that rivals the more famous ones like NordVPN or ExpressVPN. It is a service that costs from 2.49 euros per month when contracting the 2-year service, which is always the best offer.

The service can also be paid for annually for €3.99 per month, or month-to-month, but it costs €12.95 this way, although it may be the best option if you only need a month or less of VPN use.

Surfshark has unlimited connections and servers in 100 countries, with a total of 3,200 servers and counting.

They have applications for all operating systems, such as Android, Windows, iOS and even for Smart TV.


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