These are the advantages of connecting your WiFi router to a smart plug


Domotizing our house is becoming easier every time. Being in control of almost everything that happens through a application and smart plugs is a piece of cake and will allow us to carry out all kinds of actions.

A smart plug has thousands of uses, but basically The idea is to connect any device to it and be able to control it remotely. Through the application, you can decide when to turn the lights on or off, for example, although it will also allow you to have control over consumption, schedule the heating on (for example), etc.

Well, you know that you Wi-Fi router It is also a great option to consider to have a smart plug connected. This will allow us have extra control to be able to perform different tasks at certain times.

For this reason, we have collected a number of advantages that gives us having connected a smart plug to a WiFi router.

Advantages of connecting a WiFi router to your smart plug

1. Reset from mobile: if you want to reset your router, it will be as simple as restarting it remotely from the application at any time without having to press the button that comes on the device ourselves.

It is quite useful since on many occasions we feel that our Internet is slow, something that is often solved by restarting our router. This way you can do it from anywhere and not have to wait sitting next to the device to restart it.

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2. Control energy consumption: you can also control the energy consumption of the WiFi router. And it is that, many smart plugs have a function to see how much a certain device consumes in real time. So you will be able to know how much your router is spending at a given moment, over a month, etc.

3. Schedule power off and power on: another of the functions that we can take advantage of when plugging the router into a smart plug will be to schedule the reboot of the device.

For example, You can program it to turn off at one time and turn on at another. Thus, the time you are sleeping at night will be turned off and will turn on at the time you program it, so you don’t have to do anything when you get up. This, in addition, could also help you with consumption in the sense of being able to save money.

As you can see, the truth is that it is quite useful to have your WiFi router connected to a smart plug. In the end we tend to use them for “absurd” things like turning on the lights when it is possible that their use is more useful in these cases.


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