These 5 vampire appliances would be ruining the signal of your WiFi router


At present and with teleworking presiding over the homes of many, a good Internet connection is vital and as you already know, the location of your WiFi router can pave the way or put even more stones in your path.

Well, let me tell you that, apart from the multitude of barriers that harm your sign WiFi, your home is surrounded by other objects that are quite problematic with the signal: household appliances.

Despite the fact that none of them will completely absorb your connection, it is advisable to at least take them into account to avoid putting the Wi-Fi router too close to one of them.

But, what makes household appliances so bad for WiFi connections? In short: magnets and waves. These can interfere with your Wifibut it is not always a big problem and can be easily remedied by changing the channel of the router or simply moving it around.

Home appliances that you should keep away from your WiFi router

1. Microwaves: Microwaves use 2.4 GHz electromagnetic waves to heat food. Unfortunately, the older WiFi standards, 802.11 b/g/n, also use these electromagnetic waves, but with much weaker transmission power.

Although all microwaves are well coated, there will always be some degree of “leakage” of waveswhich despite not being dangerous for people does affect your WiFi.

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2. Television: having the WiFi router behind your television will cause a lot of interference due to the metallic components that are in them.

3. Refrigerator: This interferes with your WiFi by producing powerful electronic magnetic fields. Besides, the metal of the fridge blocks WiFi signals. So there will be interference if you put a WiFi router near it.

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4. Toaster: The electromagnetic waves that transmit data over WiFi are especially susceptible to interference from magnetic fields generated by metal objects. This means that if you have a toaster near your router, it is likely to interfere with the connection, or even disconnect altogether.

5. Washing machine: the motor of the washing machine – if you have WiFi – is connected to the router by a power cable, which means that the two devices share a common electrical system with each other. This connection allows interference from one device to another.

In this case, if something causes an electrical disturbance then that problem can spread to both devices and cause disturbance to both your WiFi signal and your home appliances.


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