The youtuber MrBeast wants to be the new CEO of Twitter and replace Elon Musk


The Twitter CEO position seems to be open to anyone who wants to hold power and now MrBeast has shown interest in getting the title which, for now, belongs to Elon Musk and that seems more like a curse than a blessing. And, it is that, it has been MrBeast himself who has alluded to the hypothetical situation of becoming CEO of Twitter.

In fact, he has used the network of the little blue bird to communicate or, rather, to throw the question into the air. Musk It hasn’t taken long to answer, offering an answer that has generated more questions about the situation of the social network that it bought just a few weeks ago and that seems to be not going through its best moment.

What exactly did MrBeast say? The question, asked in English, would be translated by “Can I be the new CEO of Twitter?” and what Elon Musk has answered would be “It is not impossible” displaying the typical humor that characterizes him and that has generated so many enemies both on social networks and in real life.

It may seem that the question does not make any kind of sense and more coming from a youtuber, but you have to understand that MrBeast is one of or, rather, the most popular youtuber today. On his YouTube channel he has 124 million subscribers and 16.9 million followers on Twitter.

In an alternative universe MrBeast is CEO of Twitter instead of Elon Musk

MrBeast’s popularity could lead him to become the next CEO of Twitter or, at least, that’s what a good part of the users who are within the social network think. At a general level it may be possible since, at the end of the day, Elon Musk he would only have to name the youtuber as his substitute and that would be enough.

MrBeast would have taken the situation seriously and, in fact, would have launched his first proposals for change on the platform. Among these proposals would be to create a space in which to publish the videos of content creators, making the platform compete with YouTube or even Twitch.

At the moment and as indicated by our colleague Roberto Corrales from Business Insider, there is no clear answer about who will be the new CEO of Twitter. Musk himself conducted a poll to decide if he should leave office and, although the vote made it clear that they wanted him out, Elon Musk continues to hold this position to this day.


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