The secret mode of your WiFi router that you should activate right now


As we said, you router WiFi is one of the most personal items you have at home. All internet traffic from all connected devices in your house goes through this device and that means it knows absolutely everything about us.

That is reason is more than enough to protect you from any possible intruder. Protecting your main Internet connection does not require a paid security subscription or a VPN. Currently, it is likely that your router Wifi already have this useful security feature.

In case you don’t know it, it’s called Guest Mode and, as the name suggests, creates a separate SSID (Service Set Identifier) ​​from the main network, with a different name, password, and traffic. So you can navigate separately, without danger.

Guest modes come with their own passwords and settings. And they are easy to create, edit, destroy and rebuild. Go to your WiFi admin page, poke around and you’ll find some kind of guest mode in settings. Even basic routers have this feature today.

Advantages of the guest mode of your router

A separate network name and password means you don’t need to give guests the details of the main network that only you and your family can access. If your guest mode has parental controls or restrictions of any kind, turn them on.

You can also disconnect the secondary connection to Internet for any reason, without affecting the use of your grid. If you need to make sure that your child is not watching YouTube all night, you can turn off their guest network at any time, while you can continue browsing without problem.

Guest mode is also easy to spot in the network list and, since the network is already restricted, you can use a password that is easy to write so that they enter more comfortably. You can even create a WiFi QR code for the guest network only. Get the full potential of your WiFi router, it’s not difficult.


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