The new Twitter feature that could turn the social network into a pirate streaming platform


Elon Musk continues to launch new features for Twitter and, above all, for all users who pay for Twitter Blue, the one that has arrived today is looming disaster.

Twitter has become a social network of constant changes and many, the vast majority, do not make any kind of sense.. Today it has just been announced that users who pay for Twitter Blue will have the ability to upload videos up to 2 hours long and we all know how this will end.

A couple of months ago we saw how users took advantage of the chaos within the social network to share series and movies. Virtually nothing has changed since that day and the fact is that Twitter has fewer and fewer workers who are in charge of checking and controlling what is uploaded to the social network.

In fact, this is not at all positive for the experience of those people who are still using Elon Musk’s social network as a medium in which to work. It is nothing new for the users of this social network to take advantage of the situation to feed the chaos and everything indicates that this will be what happens in the coming days.

Twitter will allow Twitter Blue users to upload, up to 2 hours of video with a maximum quality of 1080 or Full HD. The weight of the files has been expanded from 2 GB to 8 GB. In addition, now videos with this weight can also be uploaded from iPhones since before it could only be done through the desktop version.

Up to two hours of video: Twitter does not know what it has done when launching its new feature

By expanding the limit offered, users will have a greater repertoire of films that they can upload to the platform. To date one of the most uploaded movies on Twitter is Shrek. Yes, the DreamWorks film that won an Oscar for best animated film is usually always present on Twitter.

It is possible that Elon Musk has prepared mechanisms with which to prevent users from carrying out these types of actions, although it is still completely unknown if this is true. Taking into account the very small staff that Twitter currently operates, it is almost amazing that the social network manages to launch news on a daily basis.

We will have to see what happens with this new feature that will be integrated among all the possibilities that Elon Musk offers to users who pay for Twitter Blue. What is clear is that it does not know what it has done when launching this feature and, is that, for 8 euros that the subscription costs, sharing the first installment of Fast & Furious is almost an obligation.


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