The Microsoft search engine will integrate the artificial intelligence of ChatGPT


Microsoft is preparing the incorporation of the chatbot ChatGPT from Open AI to its Bing search engine in an attempt to attract users of its rival Google, American media have reported.

In this way, Microsoft will bet on more conversational and contextual responses to queries in order to improve its share of users in Bing by offering higher quality answers, beyond a page full of links.

Those of Redmond could deploy this additional function in the coming months, but is still weighing the accuracy of the chatbot and how quickly it can be listed in the search engine. The initial launch could be a test limited to a small group of users, they explain.

The software maker, whose Bing service is much smaller than Alphabet’s dominant Google search enginehas been testing ChatGPT for several months.

OpenAI, the AI ​​research company backed by a $1 billion investment from Microsoft, publicly released ChatGPT for users to test in November. The chatbot’s ability to create everything from recipes to authentic-looking essays has catapulted it.

Although the AI ​​service sometimes delivers incorrect information with a veneer of authority, some analysts and experts have suggested that its ability to summarize publicly available data may make it a credible alternative to Google search and a search-generated link list.

A revolution that endangers the reign of Google software

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said in a tweet about ChatGPT that it is “a mistake to trust him for anything importantAnd last month, Google employees asked CEO Sundar Pichai and head of AI research Jeff Dean about the chatbot threat to Google.

Google has been working on similar technology in its LaMDA, or Language Model for Dialog Applications, system, but faces reputational risk from any errors or mistakes.

Pichai and company management have since mobilized teams of investigators to respond to ChatGPT, declaring the situation a “code red” threat, the New York Times reported.


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