The map of the best rated cartoon series by country on IMDb


Cartoons and their great series have accompanied us all in our childhood (and not so childhood) and the map that we present to you today, thanks to the qualifications of IMDbleaves us a great world image of the top drawings by country (although not all are included).

Using as a guide IMDb user ratingshave identified the most popular television programs, in this case only cartoons, produced in all countries of the world, with some surprises that we do not fully understand.

For example, It is striking that, in the case of the US, the cartoon with the best rating, Avatar: The Last Airbender, is broadcast on Nickelodeon and is set in an Asian-style world in which some people can manipulate one of the four elements (water, earth, fire, or air) with telekinetic variants of Chinese martial arts.

In the case of China, we precisely find Link Click, which was broadcast through the Bilibili platform and which, with its donghuà (Chinese animation) aesthetics, has managed to charm the population.

The map of the best rated cartoon series by country on IMDb

These are the highest rated cartoons on IMDb in Europe

Let’s zoom in on our map and go to Europe to take a little look at some curious cartoon series that are successful on our continent.

The case of Spain with David the gnome as the main cartoon series is quite curious. Taking into account that its broadcast lasted in Spain until 1986, it seems that it has left quite a mark and has a rating of 7.4.

The map of the best rated cartoon series by country on IMDb

And it is that, an entire generation grew up marked by the adventures and songs of David the gnome, D’Artacan or Willy Fog, all of them child icons that still have thousands of followers on the Internet.

The success of the little character was such that, to this day, several generations still hum the main theme of the headin which David claimed to be “seven times stronger than you”, composed by Hilario Camacho. Despite the fact that something has now been forgotten by many, it is and will be the great Spanish series.

The map of the best rated cartoon series by country on IMDb

On the other hand, the case of France with Arcane, the highly acclaimed Netflix series, rated 9 on IMDb, also draws our attention. We cannot ignore the fact that Being based on the League of Legends video game universe has given the series a huge boostBecause that would be lying.

The series It is backed by a great lore that LOL has built since its birth in 2009, which has more than 120 million players per month. Perhaps the great point for which he has triumphed in France is precisely that Fortiche, The French study is in charge of creating the series and has managed to do it masterfully.

Of course, this map with IMDb ratings is amazing. Of course, cartoon series that we have never heard of come into play here, such as Kikoriki, which triumphs in Russia, or Bluey, which has achieved a rating of 9.6 in Australia. However, all of them, for whatever reason, have left their mark on their inhabitants.


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