The lie about the oldest video on YouTube: it was created in 2023


Youtube It is one of the oldest video platforms out there. Before the advent of on-demand content, YouTube existed to be the largest video library on the internet, and its arrival to all users was heralded by the oldest youtube video which, logically, was the first to be published.

But is this true? If we go to YouTube and search for the oldest video on the Google video platform, it is most likely that a video will appear that, unfortunately, is not the oldest. And, it is that, throughout this weekend a strange act took place within the video platform.

A video has been uploaded in 2023 that appears on YouTube published on April 6, 2005, making it the first video posted on YouTube. But this, logically, is an error that has been exploited by these people to deceive the platforms of video and get to have the oldest video within YouTube.

So that there are no errors, the oldest video on YouTube is titled “Me at the zoo” and can be seen from the following link. This video was uploaded by YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim and in the video he can be seen at the San Diego Zoo. The video that you want to pass off as the oldest has another title.

No, the oldest video on YouTube is not “Welcome to YouTube!!!!”

“Welcome to YouTube!!!!” is the title of the video that was uploaded this weekend and that is intended to be the oldest video on YouTube. Social networks have not been slow to fall into the trap of this video and share it alluding to its age. But the reality is different, and it is that this video could not have gone unnoticed for almost 18 years.

Also, there are strange elements within this video. The first thing is that the resolution of the video is 480 pixels and, although it seems little, this resolution was not introduced on YouTube until 2008making this video, which was supposedly uploaded on April 6, 2005, implausible since the platform did not support that resolution at the time.

For the avoidance of any doubt, a Google correspondent has confirmed to Mashable that this video is fake and that the users who have uploaded it have taken advantage of a bug that allows changing the upload date of the videos. That has been the key to making it the first video on YouTube, despite having been published in 2023.


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