The Internet has more than 1,000 million websites, these are the current figures of the Network


In the January 2023 survey, the Netcraft website received responses from 1,132,268,801 sites through 270,967,923 unique domains and 12,156,700 computers with Internet access. This reflects an increase of 6,894,269 sites, but a loss of 270,799 domains and 77,725 computers.

This, which may seem unimportant or something to tiptoe over, is the result of a survey that highlights how crowded the Internet is right now. Yes, these are all the websites, domains and servers that are hosting all this information.

The numbers are very difficult to locate if we do not take a pen and paper, since We are talking about a billion web pages and 12 million servers. It is said soon, but it is a whole world that we would be unable to see even if we dedicated ourselves body and soul to the task.

The report talks about many more things, as we are now going to see, since the services that provide Internet they are in full force struggle and there is a company that is knowing how to position itself better than anyone.

internet is changing

Among the 1 million most trafficked sites, Cloudflare has jumped from third to first place, surpassing Apache and nginx in a single month: its market share has increased by 0.56 percentage points and now stands at 21.64%. . Together with Apache (21.40%) and nginx (21.20%), the top three web servers power almost two-thirds of the million sites with the most traffic.

Cloudflare was founded in 2009 and went public in 2010. Its core service is a content delivery network that sits between end users and websites, providing increased performance through content caching and the use of optimized paths through the Internet.

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However, its growth has not been without controversy. Its content neutrality policy has been criticized, as it caters to cybercriminals and sites with hate speech and far-right content.

In recent years, the supply of cloudflare It has expanded and now competes with cloud computing giants Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure in areas such as serverless computing, object storage, and managed databases.


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