The impressive economic destruction of IPTV in Spain and Europe


The number of Europeans using illegal IPTV services has increased by 25% in three years, but the popularity differs greatly from country to country. The services of IPTV unauthorized are the most demanded by young people.

In recent years, many people have canceled their expensive cable subscriptions, opting instead for cheaper Internet TV. New research shows that, in Europe, pirated IPTV services generate more than one billion euros in annual revenue.

Although there are many legal streaming options, there is also a wide range of IPTV services created specifically to offer content but without permission from the rights holders. These high-quality pirated IPTV services are often sold through monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Over the years, this business model has transformed into an industry that generates significant revenue. According to a new report, revenue exceeded €1 billion in Europe last year with this APK-based business.

IPTV in Europe

An application that succeeds for how little it costs

The new findings show a slight increase in revenue from IPTV services compared to the previous study (which is now three years old). from 941.7 million euros to 1,060 million euros. The average spend on illegal IPTV subscriptions is now something more than 5 euros per month.

Interestingly, the number of Europeans (27 EU countries and UK) using pirated IPTV services shows even higher growth.: from 13.7 million to 17.1 million, which represents an increase of around 25% in three years. Many people using some application (download in the form of apk).

cameras in football stadium

The slower growth in revenue can be explained by lower monthly subscription costs. Contrary to the prevailing inflationary trend, pirate IPTV subscriptions have become cheaper.

The researchers point out that piracy appeals more to young people, as they tend to have less money to spend. The younger generations are also more used to streaming content and generally have a more tolerant attitude towards piracy. Hence its majority use of IPTV.


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