The Google Chrome warnings that you should know to navigate the Internet and avoid suspicious websites


With the holidays, where you have much more free time to browse Internetwe end up accessing pages that we had not visited before, be they news, entertainment or anything else, and some of them can be dangerous for our computer.

But if you use browsers like Google Chromeyou already have a lot of security gained, because the browser is capable of detecting if a page is dangerous for your browsing, either because it tries to download a malicious program or because it tries to access your personal data.

To do this, as long as you have updated Chrome to the latest version, your Internet browsing will be safer but you must be aware of the different warnings.

Chrome will issue a small alert in the navigation bar when you visit sites that are considered unsafe to prevent us from falling for scams on the network.

Warning messages and what they mean

One of the messages that may appear on Google Chrome in the navigation bar is “the site contains malware”, which means that the web could try to access your computer and install some type of malicious software.

On the other hand, if the warning is “misleading site”, it means that the Web is suspected of containing phishing.

You may see other messages like “suspicious site” or “this site contains harmful programs” or “this page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources”.

It should be noted that all these messages can be discarded and you can definitively access the web, but to do so you must first touch the detail in the warning, and then select “visit this unsafe site”.

Google is usually quite right with this type of notices on suspicious websites but on certain occasions it can be wrong, so if you are totally sure that it is a legal page, do not hesitate to access it even if you see the warning.

Of course, avoid downloading any strange or malicious software from any type of web page or if you see that scripts are being loaded or that the page is too slow, it is better that you exit it.


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