The day has come: Twitter removes the blue verification symbol if you do not pay Twitter Blue


We’ve been watching Elon Musk for months trying to monetize his latest purchase. It seems that the day has finally come when Twitter removes the blue verification symbol from users who have it if they do not pay their subscription service.

This change has been on hold for months after Musk’s statements last February. This is one of Elon Musk’s plans for his social network, using that extra verification symbol from his Twitter Blue subscription.

The change is already effective in many of the writer accounts of ComputerToday and of companions of Axel Springer.

He Twitter verification system it was created historically to make sure that the accounts of well-known users and organizations were used in a legitimate way and there was not an imposter making illegal use of that username.

However, Musk has been clear that it is a corrupted system and that it is not useful. As an example, Musk always puts journalists who could receive a verified almost by default, without taking into account its impact or importance.

That obviously clashes with the antagonistic relationship that Musk has with the press. Last April 20, 2023 was the deadline and today we can confirm that verification logos have flown.

Verified prior payment that stop making sense

Apparently, the removal of the verified logo began on April 1, although accounts that had verification were given a few weeks’ grace.

Yesterday was the day, until now users who had traditional verification carried out by Twitter and people who paid for the verification coexisted. In fact, there is even a Chrome extension that allowed you to know the origin of a user’s verification.

The problem with arriving as part of the subscription benefits pack is that you lose that origin as a verification system, because, of course, now anyone who pays has it. Whether or not it is important or has an impact on the social network or whether it is an official account or not.

What until now gave credibility to an account can now be obtained with a Twitter Blue subscription payment for 8 euros.

The advantages of a subscription Twitter Blue There are several, but it is clear that the verified logo should change its name and be called the premium subscriber logo, for example.

Advantages of the Twitter Blue subscription

  • Rise to the top of replies, mentions, and searches: Tweets from verified users will get priority, helping fight fraud and spam.
  • Edit tweet.
  • Verified logo.
  • See half as many ads: See 50% fewer ads on the home timeline.
  • Post longer videos: You can finally post longer videos on Twitter.
  • Get Early Access: Get early access to select new features with Twitter Blue Labs.

In summary, we are before death of verified user concept as we had been seeing on Twitter for decades.

There are accounts that still have the verified for example that of the Government of Spain or public personalities, but, for ordinary users, that logo has disappeared (Ibai Llanos, for example, does not have it either)

There was a controversy about whether they would go out in For you only information from people with Twitter Blue, but Musk clarified that if you follow them, they will continue to come out, it’s just that if you don’t have Twitter Blue, the recommendation algorithm does not take you into account.


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