The clone of Twitter created by Instagram is filtered, it will be released this summer


With Elon Musk’s social network faltering, everyone wants to take his place.

Soon, Twitter will have a new and dangerous rival. have been leaked first images and features of the Twitter clone created by Instagram, and it looks very good.

for now Instagram’s Twitter It doesn’t have an official name, but it does have a code name. meta calls it Q92, Project 92 either Barcelona. It’s funny, because that 92 seems to have to do with the Barcelona Olympics… Or maybe it’s a coincidence.

The leak is carried out by Lia Haberman, an expert in online marketing and social networks. She seems to be some kind of app banner adwhere you can see a couple of screens, and some features:

The app’s interface looks very similar to Twitter.

As Lia Haberman explains in her newsletter, it is possible login with your instagram accountand bring the app to your followers, profile, and even accounts that you have blocked.

will allow write messages up to 500 charactersand can include photos, videos and links.

Meta said in March that he wanted to do a decentralized messaging app, and it seems that there is something to that. According to Habermann, will be compatible with Mastodonallowing users of this decentralized social network to exchange messages with this new Twitter-like app from Instagram.

Elon Musk presents Linda Yaccarino, the new CEO of Twitter, an NBC executive who has not liked her followers at all

To avoid abuse, include account blocking and moderation tools. If all goes well, Meta plans to launch it in the summer.

Unlike Mastodon and BlueSky, which have gained users but haven’t yet been able to tickle Twitter, this alternative to Instagram’s Twitter could put Elon Musk’s social network in serious trouble. There are a lot of people who use Instagram, and bringing your profile, followers and other content automatically will make it easier to use. From this summer we will leave doubts.


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