The best places to place the router and increase the speed of your WiFi connection


As you well know, it is not enough to buy a good router so that in our house the Internet reach all corners and without interference. It is true that a good device helps, but the place where we place the router.

When it comes to routers, it’s all about location, location, location. By this we mean that you have to take into account everything that can obstruct its signals.

Placing the router in the right place can maximize the wireless connection throughout the house. Of course, it can be difficult to find the best place if you don’t know much about how routers work, those white and nondescript devices that give us the Internet.

To discover the best place in the house to place the router We have divided the article into several points, focusing on the placement and operation of wireless networks. With all this you will be able to discover the ideal place in your own home / office.

Locate the center of the house

No, this does not mean that you should place the router in the center of your house. For example, in the kitchen or bathroom. And not at all in the basement or attic. We better go to the center of the house where you live and, if possible, on the middle floor if you live in a house with several floors.

The ideal location of the router depends on where you want to get WiFi coverage. If you spend a lot of time in the office, you should place the router closer to that room than the kitchen. Take a minute to think about all the spaces that use the most Internet.

Compare the distance between them and choose an intermediate point. Once you locate this point, you will have a solid starting point. Of course, keep in mind the many barriers your router has to deal with when choosing this hub.

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The router always very high

Try to place the router near the center of the room where you want to have the speeds Wifi Faster. But you should also place it as high as possible.

It is better to put the router on high because radio waves tend to shoot the signal down. Therefore, raising your router helps to give the best signal. For example, if you put the router on the ground, direct the WiFi signal towards the ground. And of course, the neighbor downstairs will thank you.

You can mount it on a wall or even place it on top of a bookshelf. Also, if your router has antennas, make sure they don’t all point in the same direction. Remember that your router is shooting radio waves at all the devices in your house. Tilt the antennae at different angles.


Knowing the operation of the router is vital

When you’re trying to pinpoint that sweet spot, you need to take into account all the interference that’s getting in the way of your router. To give you an idea, the router creates a computer network that allows you to connect various devices to the Internet. Manage traffic between all devices on a network.

If it seems complicated to you, think of it as a digital postman. It delivers packets of data from one device to another. It does this through radio waves that transmit the Internet to various devices throughout the house.

Walls, ceilings, furniture, and other physical obstacles can weaken these signals. That’s why you should try to chart the path of least resistance. Instead of placing the router in a cluttered room full of furniture, try placing it in an open space. Whatever you do, avoid metal, brick, and concrete; they can block WiFi signals.


Appliances are your enemies

We have talked a lot about radio waves and we have done it with full knowledge, not on a whim. The different devices send unique waves that can interfere with each other and ruin the stability of the network.

Here’s a general rule of thumb: keep your router three feet away from other devices. Avoid TVs, microwaves, miscellaneous kitchen appliances, cordless phones, and other bluetooth or WiFi enabled devices.

You should keep the router away from the microwave, as we have said, since it emits a strong 2.4 GHz signal, which can be the same as a wireless router (although there are many 5 GHz ones on the market already). And this is just one of the many enemies you have.


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