The best 5 gold earrings for 2023


These are very special dates, with constant celebrations, meetings, lunches, dinners and lots of parties. And for this, of course, we always seek to wear our best looks. And you already know that for me, in addition to carefully selecting all the items that make up each outfit, I like to pay special attention to accessories, since they can become a key part of many looks.

And one of my favorite accessories are, without a doubt, the gold earringssince in addition to exercising the function of accessory, they provide great luminosity to the face.

Where to buy gold earrings?

The answer to this question is very clear to me, without a doubt my favorite option to buy gold earrings is Pilar de Toro Jewelry and it is that the wide variety they offer, full of multiple styles of earrings, makes it possible for you to find the right model for each chance.

And since there are so many models available in terms of gold earrings, I want to take the opportunity to make a ranking of those that will be the best designs for the upcoming 2023. Let’s get to it.

Pearl and gold earrings

They are a classic, elegance and sophistication wherever you look at them. They are the perfect model if you are looking for earrings that you can wear on a daily basis, but that also add an exclusive touch to the look that you wear on a special occasion.

In addition, the combination of gold and the white color of the pearls makes it possible for them to fit perfectly with any other shade that you wear in your look.

Braided gold earrings

Another classic when we talk about gold earrings are the tenzados. These are small earrings that are wider than usual, made from braided gold threads.

They are another of the perfect alternatives for day to day. They are comfortable, beautiful, elegant and add a chic touch to any look. In addition, it is possible to find different sizes, so you could even choose larger hoops for more special occasions.

Gold earrings with zircons

Zircons are small gems with characteristics quite similar to those of precious stones. They are quite similar to diamonds, especially in their shape and transparency, and are capable of providing great brilliance and luminosity, so earrings that combine these pieces with gold are perfect for special events.

These types of designs add exclusivity to any outfit.

Gold earrings classic hoops

This category is really the most extensive, since there are endless models of gold earrings that can be classified as classics.

The first thing to take into account when choosing gold earrings of this type is the size, since we can find models with smaller hoops or other larger and longer ones.

We also find that there are many precious stones or gems that can accompany these designs, so you have to choose which one best suits what you are looking for, both economically and in terms of shape and color.

Once all this has been decided, you can now find the classic gold hoop earrings.

18K gold earrings

When we talk about gold karats, we refer to its purity and 18K gold has 75% of this precious metal.

Although they are somewhat more expensive than other models of lower karatage, 18K gold earrings are more resistant to attacks by chemical products, which allows them to remain in perfect condition for much longer. In other words, it is a long-term investment.

Tips for choosing the best gold earrings

There are many factors that can be taken into account when choosing the best model of gold earrings for each occasion.

In the first place, without a doubt, one of the key aspects is the taste of each person. In addition, you also have to think about the look or looks with which you want to wear your earrings, since they must be according to the occasion.

Experts also establish that it is important to take into account the shape of the face before choosing an earring model, since each one is capable of enhancing different aspects of it.

Whichever model you finally choose, I am sure that at Joyas Pilar de Toro you will find your ideal gold earrings.


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