The 6G connection could use people as human antennae


Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst are working on a bracelet that would turn people into human antennae to take advantage of the excess energy that will be generated by the future 6G connection.

Today’s 5G connection is still in its infancy, and hasn’t delivered on any of the promises made to us. It has been almost stagnant for two years. But researchers have already been working on the future for some time. 6G connection.

This new connection will present a very interesting novelty: visible light communicationeither VLC. In addition to the classic transmission by radio waves that we use now, the 6G connection will allow communication by light pulses able to turn on and off a million times per second.

6G connection and wireless fiber optics

Any device equipped with LED lights will be able to send informationand other devices equipped with a camera, such as a mobile, will capture the light signal and transform it into data. It can be seen as a kind of wireless fiber optic.

As explained by the website of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, when transmitted through light signals either VLCthere is an important energy drainbecause the leds also emit radio waves. Snap surplus energy could be collected, could be used to recharge small devices.

The only thing needed to “harvest” this energy that release the led lights, is a coiled copper wire antenna. The performance of these antennas depends on the surface where they are placed.

The researchers tested on walls, mobiles, and other objects, and the energy captured by the antenna was multiplied by 10 when it was placed in the human forearm:

6G bracelet

This small bracelet does not weigh, does not bother, and of course does not cause any discomfort or disorder, by capturing energy. But it turns us into human antennae to take advantage of 6G connection.

With this prototype, only a few microwatts of energy from the LED light transmissions. But it’s enough for eternally feed health sensors: temperature, blood oxygen, etc.

5G connection is secure

If in the future the 6G connection is standardized and this visible light communication either VLC it is used in all places, take a antenna bracelet of this type could feed a health bracelet, an ebook reader, and other devices that do not require a lot of power. Even small appliances.

There is still a long way to go before the 6G connection be standardized, so there is nothing definitive. But it seems like an interesting idea save refills and harness energy that is wasted with Communication by visible light or VLC.


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