Telegram is updated with very powerful news: improved bots, shareable chats and more”


Telegram 9.6 is now available. The new update will enable shared folders, much more powerful bots, customizable backgrounds, and various speed improvements to the application interface.

The latest Telegram update is here. Version 9.6 of the popular messaging app promises powerful new features. From improved bots, to the ability to share chats in folders, Telegram users can now enjoy all the benefits of a faster, safer and more secure messaging experience.

Telegram’s update speed thus once again surpasses its main competitor: WhatsApp, although the growth of crime in the application remains in question.

Reports say that Telegram is becoming the perfect ecosystem for cybercrime

Be that as it may, this time Telegram not only brings improvements in its options for users but also in its own scroll speed of its interface and download of attached files.

Also, in groups with fewer than 100 members with themes enabled, read notices will show what time your messages were read by other group members. What else does this update bring? We’ll tell you then.

Chat folders that can be shared with a link

One of the biggest improvements in Telegram version 9.6 is the ability to share chat conversations. Now it will be possible for users keep track of your conversations and share them with others.

A new way to manage conversations while maintaining privacy, as well as ensuring that everyone involved in the conversation is on the same page.

In this sense, you can create Telegram groups even without participants. In this way, you can configure the group before launching it and invite people.

Additionally, Telegram 9.6 provides users with more options to collaborate with each other. For example, now users can share folders, documents and other media with multiple users. This makes it easy for groups of people to work together on projects, coordinate plans, and easily share large files with colleagues or friends.

Enhanced Telegram Bots

Telegram bots are a tool that automates tasks, sets notifications or manages groups. With version 9.6 of Telegram, the bots are more powerful. For example, they can now send a unlimited number of messages at the same time.

This can be useful for schedule events, send reminders and much more. In addition, they can be used to create new commands, as well as to respond to both text and voice input.

In addition, the bots will be able to launch web apps in virtually any chat. Telegram ensures that supported bots will be used in the form of a mention or direct link. This would open the door to multiplayer web applications designed for groups and more developers will be able to create web applications or games for the social network.

enhanced security

Security has also been improved in version 9.6 of Telegram. All data stored and transferred on the platform is encrypted by default, so users can be sure that their conversations and data are always safe. Also, users can now use two-factor authentication to better protect your accounts and conversations.

This becomes vitally important in Telegram after information such as the one we have already advanced warns that the authorities warn that Telegram is the preferred social network for cybercriminals and that It is common to find scams and crimes on the platform.

Customize your backgrounds with photos or images

Telegram is updated: now you can share your folders just by sending a link

With this new update you will be able to use any photo in your phone gallery to decorate the conversation. You can even send a notification to your contact so that he can also configure it on his phone and in this way you both share the background of the chosen chat.

This option is available for each individual chat, so it is possible to have the same background in different conversations, if you choose. As simple as clicking on the three configuration points of each conversation and choosing the thematic background from your device or from those proposed by the application itself.

New animation for iPhone

If you have an iPhone 14 with Dynamic Island functionality, you can enjoy a new animation when scrolling through a contact’s information.

This animation is made possible by state-of-the-art display technology that is incorporated into these devices, and that allows an even more immersive and attractive user experience.

Latest updates when sending messages on Telegram

The improvements of 9.6 join interesting novelties when it comes to sending messages such as the spoiler function that consists of being able to discuss something without spoiling the fun for others you can select any part of the text when typing and choose the new format. This hides the selected part of the message in the chat, as well as in the chat list and in notifications.

This way, it will be enough to click on the message when you are ready to read it and not beforewithout ruining the chapter of your favorite series or selecting this option to prevent a friend from leaving the conversation in the group thinking that you are going to ruin their book.

How to update Telegram

To update the messaging application, simply access the Android or iPhone app store. As with any other app on your phone, it won’t take long for the new version to be downloaded and installed on your device.

When searching you can update the new version of Telegram 9.6 to access all the improvements on your mobile phone and you will also be safer with the new security features of the application.


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