Surprise your children with a very special video call from the Three Wise Men


The wise men They are just around the corner ready to distribute all the gifts that the smallest of the house have requested in their letter. With this we end the Christmas festivities, but not before giving them a little surprise.

And it is that, Is there anything better than receiving a call from SS. mm. Magician Kings of the East? Well, the web that we present to you will surely leave even the oldest with their mouths open.

We talk about a completely free website sponsored by Iberia, that will allow you, with a few small previous steps, to customize the video call (with a video as an incredible introduction beforehand), that your children will receive.

Logically, there is no need to provide any phone number since everything will be done in a pre-programmed way, but after the introduction, the kings will be encouraged to make a phone call that they must pick up to start a simple conversation with the Three Wise Men from the East.

This website makes the Magi call your children

This website will allow you to make a simple video call with the Three Wise Men

The operation is very simple. You only have to enter the following information: name of the child, from whom the message is, something that he likes a lot and a little advice from the kings how to behave better.

As you will see, a dropdown will appear in some of the options to simplify the task. After all, being a Web programmed, it would not work as well with each person entering their own wishes.

This website makes the Magi call your children

Highlight that this you can do it from a computer and, if you have an iPhone, you can make it even more realistic, Don’t worry though, we’ve been testing them on a PC and the truth is that it works wonderfully.

The most striking thing is that You must be the one who accepts the call of the Magi, after the introductory video, so that the video call which will be loaded with very nice messages.

This website makes the Magi call your children

Of course, new technologies are the great allies of Santa Claus and SS.MM. the three wise men, and either through mobile applications, or through different websites, they allow us to get in touch with them. A great detail for children that will surely leave them with more expectations for the big night.


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