Streamer Amouranth launches her own companion AI, will have her voice and its usefulness is questionable


Amouranth has its own AI from today: the streamer will make use of artificial intelligence to offer her voice at the service of her followers’ fantasies.

Artificial Intelligence is making people talk and over the last few weeks we have seen a huge number of applications for AI. Of course, until now we had not missed the possibility of someone creating an AI with part of its characteristic features. But for everything there is a first time: Amouranth launches his own AI and will have his voice.

Yes, the Twitch streamer known as Amouranth has just announced that she will have an AI with her voice that will be accessible to all those willing to pay. No, this AI is not like OpenAI, which is openly offered to everyone who wants to use it. Amouranth is going to monetize, once again, her characteristic features.

Streamer Amouranth may not sound like anything to you if you don’t consume Twitch, but she is one of the most popular personalities on the streaming platform. In fact, he will participate in La Velada 3 organized by Ibai and which will bring together Twitch personalities in a boxing ring where, we hope, there will be more than guaranteed blows.

How will Amouranth’s AI work? In the presentation that the AI ​​streamer has made, it is explained that it will be part of Forever Voices AI. This voice platform made through the use of artificial intelligence has a Telegram bot from which you can interact with virtual celebrities and receive personalized voice notes.

Amouranth donates his voice to an AI that will interact with his followers

We have anticipated that this new service will not be free and, in order to receive these voice notes, you will have to pay. The Forever Voices AI platform has a credit system which gives access for these messages to arrive. Logically, it will be another source of income for the streamer who has made part of her fortune on Onlyfans.

Logically, the streamer’s followers have asked if these types of voice notes can be customized to be used in a sexual context and the streamer has made it clear that they can. In fact, she herself has commented that these voice notes want to fulfill all the fantasies of their followers and give an experience never seen before.

Amouranth has managed to make his image and personality on the internet an extremely lucrative business. The use of her voice in an AI is another step in the complex scheme to get rich. The situation may raise an enormous amount of moral doubt, but it will be others who are in charge of launching judgments about the use of AI for this.


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