Spotify Web: complete guide and everything you need to know to listen to music from the browser


Update: To all the information we already had about Spotify Web, we add the main differences between the free version and the paid options, so that you can choose the one that best suits each one of you.

the audio platform Spotify It makes it very easy for you to access its immense content. It is available on all types of devices: mobiles, PCs, smart speakers, televisions, consoles, watches, and many more. and it is possible access its huge catalog for free (with advertising).

Most people use the mobile or PC app to listen to music or podcasts from Spotify, but there is an even more direct way: from the browser, with Spotify Web.

It is true that it does not include all the functions of the app, but it does include the most important ones. With the advantage that you will not have to install anything. Nor pay a fee, if you don’t want to.

We’ll see how Spotify Web player works, and everything you need to know to take advantage of Spotify’s in-browser player.

Full Guide to Spotify Web:

What is Spotify Web

Spotify Web is the browser version of the Spotify podcast and music player.

simply, a web page that allows you to play music from Spotify. It is free and has the great advantage that you don’t need to install an app.

Spotify Web

Simply access the browser, search for content and listen to it. Of course, you will need a free account, and you will have to put up with some advertising.

You can also log in with a Premium account, to remove advertising and access your personal content and all the extras of Premium accounts.

How to access the Spotify Web Player

To use Spotify Web You simply have to go to the web from the browser of your mobile, computer, television, or any other device.

The supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari.

Spotify Web doesn’t work for me

It may be that you have problems with Spotify of different kinds and that you are not able to make it work as it has until now.

Well, if you’re having trouble, try the following:

  • Make sure your browser is up to date. Check and update it in the help section of your browser.
  • Try to open the web player in a window private or incognito browsing.
  • Some public or shared networks, if you access from work or university, limit access to certain services. Ask if they have blocked Spotify.
  • If you still have problems, you can always install the mobile app or the computer.

The Spotify Web interface

Once you access the player in the browser, you will have access to the main cover of the application.

You won’t be able to play any songs or podcasts if you don’t have a free Spotify account, so tap on register in the upper right corner, or Istart session if you already have an account. (1)

Spotify Web Guide

As we see in the image, the organization of the player is very simple. In the left column (2) we have all the main functions: the search engine, the Library, and Create Lists.

All content (albums, artists, tracks, playlists, podcasts, radios) appears in the central window (3). Finally, at the bottom is the player (4). We are going to explain what we can do in each section.

account and profile

After logging in with a Spotify account, whether free or paid, we can start using Spotify Web.

In the upper right corner we have the menu that gives access to our account:

Spotify website

if we touch on Accountwe go to a web page where we can configure all aspects of our account, including payment method, password change, notifications, privacy, etc.

With Go Premiumwe subscribe to the paid service.

Finally, in Profile we can choose a name and a photo to identify ourselves on Spotify.

the player

Setting up the account is necessary, but it’s a boring process.

What we want is to hear something, so to start we hit any song or podcast that appears on the cover, and the player will be displayed at the bottom of the screen:

Spotify Web

There is not much to explain, since they are the standard buttons of any player.

In the center we have Play / Pause buttonschange songs, shuffle, or play in a loop.

To the far left is a heart icon. When pressed, the song, album, list or wherever this icon is placed, will be added to our Library.

Finally, on the right side we have the volume bar, a Queue icon to see everything we have played so far or are waiting, and another icon to send the content to a smart speaker, bluetooth speaker, a TV , etc.

In the central window of the application, there is the content: playlists, albums, podcast chapters, etc.

When leaving the mouse or the finger on an element we will see an icon of three horizontal dots. It gives access to a menu that allows us to do many things with this content:

Spotify Web

Here the heart icon it doesn’t save the songs in the Library (that’s only when you’re listening to it), but in the list Songs that I like.

From this menu we can do things like add the content to the playback queue, to a list that we have created, share it via a link, or insert it in a forum or blog.

It also allows us to go to the radio where the song comes from, or check the artist and the album where it has been published.

The searcher

To find music you like, you have to turn to the seeker, in the left column.

Depending on whether you have a free or paid account, you will have more or less freedom to access specific artists or themes, since free users access content through thematic radios or categories, although it also allows searches.

Spotify Web

Can search by artist, songs or podcasts in the white bar at the top.

It is also possible explore genres, moods, moments and categories on the cards displayed on the screen.

It is a very effective way to discover new music that suits your tastes. Remember to go hitting the hearts to add it to your Library, or Songs that I like.


This is the place where you will find all your favorite content.

It is organized by categories, so that everything is perfectly ordered, and different types of content do not mix:

Spotify Web

As we see in the screenshot, there are four categories: Charts, Podcast, Artists and Albums.

Just tap each one to see the playlists you’ve created, the podcasts you follow, as well as the artists and albums.

From the Library you can play them directly.

How to create a list

Finally, the function that remains to be reviewed are content lists.

Can create all the lists you want, and add the content you want: songs, full albums, podcast episodes, artist charts… you name it!

To create a list, tap on Create Listin the left column:

Spotify Web

The list template will appear. Click on the three horizontal points to display the menu.

then choose edit dataand you can put a name to the list, as well as a description, and a photo that identifies it.

From this menu you can also add the entire list to the play queueadd it to your profile, delete it, share it via a linkor insert it into a blog or web page.

At the bottom you will see a search engine to find content to include in the list.

As we have explained, you can also add things while listening to or searching for music, with the command add to list that appears on all menus.

Premium Features

if you have one premium account you will have access to additional functions.

In addition to remove advertising, you can download songs and podcast by touching the Download button, to be able to enjoy them without the need for an Internet connection.

You will also listen to the songs you want without depending on lists or radios, and skip all the ones you want.

As you see, managing Spotify Web is very simple. It is not as complete an application as the mobile one or the one you can install on your PC, but it has all the basic functions to find and play music or podcasts, create playlists, and share content.

Differences between Spotify free and Premium

currently exist two types of subscriptions for Spotify, one that is free and another that is paid, as we have already told you.

Having the free version has several limitations such as:

  • There is advertisements embedded in playlists.
  • Advertising also in the interface.
  • The lists will be played in random mode.
  • When listening to a playlist you will only be able to skip songs five times.

Those who want Spotify Premium will not have any limitations, but they will have to pay a certain amount of money every month.

The different options are:

  • Individual:9.99 euros (1 account).
  • Duo: 12.99 euros (2 accounts).
  • Familiar: 15.99 euros (6 accounts).
  • Students: 4.99 euros (1 account).

With all that we have told you, you already know Spotify Web much better and everything you can do with it.

It will surely become a great option to enjoy Spotify.


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