Settings and tips to protect your WiFi router from hackers


It is important that we place our router Wifi in a suitable area of ​​our home to have a stable connection wherever we are, but we must also worry about its securityand for this it is convenient to carry out a series of configurations before it is too late.

Sometimes due to laziness or ignorance, we do not change absolutely anything of our router WiFi when installed for us by a technician, and that’s something hackers are taking advantage of all over the world.

That is why we want to offer you a series of tips related to privacy and security that you should take to protect yourself from a bad configuration of your WiFi router.

The first and most important thing and that we must do from the first minute, is to change login credentials which come predetermined.

It is likely that the router will come with access credentials such as user “admin” or password “password”, and it is advisable to access the settings of the router itself to change it.

Related to this, we should also change the default name of our router WiFi so that, when it is located, it is not giving clues to hackers that we are with a specific operator.

More things we can do, and it’s disable remote access. Many modern WiFi routers come with remote access enabled by default, and unless you need to access the router from a remote location, it’s best to disable it.

Another thing that we sin for being too trusting, and that is that no need to share access credentials with people outside the home.

It is essential that we always have control of those devices that are connected to our grid wireless, and the way to control it is not sharing our credentials with people outside our home.

Other security aspects that you should take into account

While most modern routers already come with the firewall enabled, some old ones probably don’t have it. It is strongly recommended that a firewall be activated to protect our network from unauthorized connections.

On the other hand, although many current routers tend to automatically update the firmwarethere are other old ones in which you must download the file and do it manually.

Be that as it may, you should always make sure that you are running the most up-to-date firmware for your WiFi router.

Although it has little to do with our router, it is also recommended have a VPNthat is, a virtual private network, to protect our browsing on the net.


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