September: new sporting challenges


The holidays are officially over! But, we return with the batteries set for new goals and sports challenges.

September is a month in which rwe resume daily activities with encouragement, and it is time to take advantage of the fact that we are motivated to exercise and set ourselves fitness challenges that help us to gain health.

Do you want to start moving your body? Don’t miss the opportunity! I invite you to take a look at these new sports challenges.

How to face new sporting challenges?

Maybe, during the summer, some have been constant with the exercise because it is part of their daily life. But, there are others like me, who abandoned physical activities to take a break.

If you are the same as me, let me tell you that there are no more excuses! Let’s start planning new sports challenges to include movement in our habits again.

Going back to our day-to-day routine can be a bit overwhelming. To begin with, it is best to plan all the activities, this allows us to Organize and not lose focus.

Let’s start!

Tips to resume exercise after the holidays

Before you know the new sports challenges For this month of September, it is important that you know how to resume exercise after a few months of sedentary lifestyle.

Return to healthy eating

Return to healthy eatingA balanced diet is the basis of health, although in the vacation It is not very easy to control what we eat, especially if we are traveling outside our home.

To take care of your health and have the strength to train, you must continue with a proper nutritionwhich must include foods from all groups (dairy, fish, meat, vegetables, legumes, cereals…).

keep your body hydrated

Don’t forget youDrink 8 glasses (2 liters) of water a day. The body requires high levels of water to optimize its functioning. You can complement with infusions, smoothies and fruits with a high liquid content.

sleep 8 hours a day

Rest is part of the exercise. Muscles require a break to recover from exertion, so take a day off and sleep 8 hours a night.

Will and good attitude

It is not only training the body, but also the mind. Your thoughts can play against you and make laziness prevail, fight them by remembering the benefits of sports challenges and get going, leaning on the discipline and will.

Find the right equipment

Take advantage of all the sportswear that is in trend. For example, if you like to practice tennisyou can find a new outfit that motivates you to return.

As always I recommend prioritize functionality and comfort when choosing shoes, shorts, tops, leggings and sports accessories.

Dare with new sports challenges

When it comes to exercise, we know what we like and we continue to do it with a passion. But, what do you think about trying new sports challenges? There are millions of activities to train dynamically, they can also be adapted to our physical condition.

Here are some options:

1. Turbosteps Challenge of the Month

Turbosteps is a fitness website created by the Colombian physical trainer Fausto Murillo. In it you can find a new sports challenge every monthwhich incorporates a different daily training to improve your strength and endurance.

It also offers nutrition plans and other routines for beginners, intermediate and advanced that you can do at home. All its challenges are completely free. What are you waiting for?

2. Yoga for beginners

yoga for beginnersMany times we focus training on cardio and weights, forgetting about the flexibility. He yoga It serves to increase the elasticity of the muscles, helps us correct posture and reduce back pain.

to start gain elasticity I recommend following a yoga plan for beginners. Many routines are available online or you can attend a yoga center if you prefer to practice outside your home.

3. Fit-a-Thon

Healthy Vita is an online platform dedicated to comprehensive health. It was designed by sports nutritionist and trainer Brenvita, who proposes Fit-a-Thón. A 28 day plan nutrition, training and psychology.

This method is ideal to help maintain consistency in exercise and resume healthy habits that you forgot in summer.

4. Running race

Sign up for a race and test your skills. There are 5k, 10k and 12K races, you can sign up for one of them taking into account your physical conditions and start training to reach the finish line.

Remember that, for meet a sporting challenge like this, you must rely on the knowledge of an expert to guide you in training.

Benefits of new sports challenges

The sports challenges will make you lose those extra kilos that you added on days off. But, this is not the only benefit. Here is a sample of what you can achieve:

  • They help to increase confidence and security.
  • They favor the functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory system.
  • They strengthen the bones and muscles.
  • They help reduce stress and anxiety.
  • They improve attention and concentration.
  • They promote the release of endorphins that increase the feeling of pleasure and well-being.

Are you ready to start a new challenge in your life? Leaving your comfort zone is the only way to prove to yourself that you are capable of anything. Come on!


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