Robinson List: all the steps to sign up and avoid unwanted advertising


One of the most annoying things on a day-to-day basis is receiving continuous calls from advertising repeatedly by companies.

This type of “spam” has existed for many years and first of all, one thing must be made clear: the operator or operator that is contacting you is doing their job, so it is foolish to get angry with them for receiving these types of calls. .

However, It does not mean that it is something really tedious and sometimes almost impossible to stopAlthough if this happens to you, it is best that you join the service discussed in this article for free and that thousands of people already use.

Today this is possible as long as you register on the Robinson List. With it, it is intended to have everything more controlled and all companies and other services must necessarily consult the Robinson List when they are going to send advertising and do not have the consent of the recipients.

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What is the Robinson List and how to sign up:

What is the Robinson List and how can you sign up?

This is a registration of users who do not want to receive advertising and is freebut it must be clear that this list protects us from companies or entities with which we have no relationship commercial of any kind.

The service falls within the field of personalized advertising, that is, the advertising that a user receives directed to inform about advertising campaigns, whether by mail, advertising calls or messages. Mention that it will start working between two and three months from the moment you register.

Logically, on the other hand, it must be taken into account that you are giving all your data to a company, so this must be clear from the beginning. You can sign up for free on the Robinson List to stop receiving this type of advertising, at any time and in any place.

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The first thing is access the website and register by adding all the information requested, then you will receive a username and password confirmation email. After this, you simply have to click on “Access the service” and they will ask which way you want to stop receiving advertising, either by email, mobile and landlines, postal mail and SMS/MMS messages.

If you want more than one of these systems, you must individually confirm each of them by email. It is simple and quick to manage, but keep in mind the delay in making the block effective so be patient.

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On the other hand, and as mentioned before, this service serves to scare away those companies with which you have not previously had contact, but you can also prevent companies that you authorized to do so or with which you have a business relationship from continuing to bombard you with offers. .

Once you have entered your mobile number, You will see a section called “Revocation of Calls”.

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What to do if two months have passed, you are on the list and they keep calling you

This is where the problems come. In the event that the company insists on advertising callsemails, messages, etc., after the two or three months that it takes more or less to manage the Robinson List processyou have another option something more drastic and hard: report to the Data Protection Agency.

Of course, the fines that come from the Data Protection Agency are not to the taste of these companies, so surely once you file your complaint, the company in question will stop bothering you with their advertising and they will submit to your request in Robinson’s List.


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