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You already know that I love all those fashion, accessories and cosmetics firms that are linked, in one way or another, with caring for the environment. For this reason, on more than one occasion I have spoken to you about the importance of following the new trends in the sector that are based on processes such as slow fashionrecycling and reuse of materials, nearby manufacturing or other methods that have sustainability as their ultimate goal.

And today I want to talk about the Anartxy Recycle Collection, a jewelry product line that closely follows these procedures based on sustainability and care for the environment, while taking care of the unique style and finish.

Still don’t know Anartxy? So you can’t miss what I’m going to tell you next, I’m sure you’ll love it.

A brief introduction to the history of this jewelry firm Made in Spain

Anartxy is a jewelry signature born in Valencia in 2009. Since its inception, all the brand’s collections follow a common line, based on its Mediterranean spirit, thanks to the exquisite location in which they are located.

After 14 years of experience, Anartxy has established itself as one of the main companies in the national market, offering new designs each season, always following the latest trends in the sector, but with a clear personal style.

Within the firm’s collections, we can find jewels forged in steel, mixed with other high-quality noble materials. Within its catalog, you can find all kinds of pieces of different styles, from more sophisticated, delicate and elegant jewelry, to some more striking, colorful and different. The perfect combination of styles so that you can find those jewels that best fit your personality and your looks.

In addition, as previously mentioned, currently, you can find within the catalog a line of jewelry made from recycled materials, in order to care for the environment and fight for much-needed sustainability, as will be seen next.

What makes Anartxy different? Know all the details of your Recycle Collection

The Anartxy Recycle Collection is a leap into a new adventure. They leave aside their classic jewels made from steel, to give way to a series of creations made with resins and recycled materials. The aesthetic that we can see throughout the entire line is very youthful, colorful and fun, full of striking neon tones, with a multitude of volumes and original irregular shapes. Only suitable for those who risk being looked at, since these jewels will not leave anyone indifferent.

Within this collection you can find earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings in full color, a line made up of a total of 38 items that will undoubtedly dazzle you. From striking shapes, irregular finishes and vibrant colors, to slightly more classic pieces, but without neglecting originality. A collection that will attract you from the first moment you see it, I assure you.

You can find all these pieces on their website, although they are also available in some of their many national and international outlets. Anartxy is present, in addition to Spain, in countries such as Belgium, France, Italy and Portugal and has more than a thousand collaborating establishments where we can find its products, as well as three of its own stores in Valencia and Zaragoza.

Are you going to miss this chance to join the change? I have it for sure, the only difficult decision is to choose the products that I am going to keep, because I love them all.


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