Recommended sports during pregnancy


Do you know the recommended sports in pregnancy? During the gestation period it is very important to take care of health. Eating well and doing a little exercise will be the keys to facilitating labor and protecting the development of the fetus.

Physical activity is not dangerous for the baby, on the contrary, medical research has shown that women who practice sports during pregnancy have a lower risk of alterations in the formation of the child.

Of course, physical activity and nutrition at this stage should be supervised by a specialist who evaluates the physical conditions of the pregnant woman.

If you are pregnant or planning to have a baby, this post will be of great help to you. Next, I will show the most suitable sports to keep you in shape during pregnancy.

What are the recommended sports in pregnancy?

Practicing exercise during pregnancy is possible, you just have to take some precautions. From the first month of pregnancy, we want to know what sports are recommended during pregnancy to take care of our baby.

Follow the doctor’s instructions eat foods rich in vitamins and physical activity, are three fundamental factors in the growth of the baby.

You don’t have to be an athlete, doing some kind of exercise three times a week for 30 minutes will be enough to strengthen your body during this demanding stage. Besides, Sport will help you fall asleep and preserve your cardiovascular health.

recommended sports during pregnancy

Benefits of doing sports during pregnancy

Can combine exercise and pregnancyso the baby and you can take advantage of all its benefits:

  • Reduces the possibility of a premature birth.
  • Increases the capacity of the respiratory system and improves cell oxygenation.
  • Decreases pain and time of the labor process.
  • Promotes rapid recovery of the body after childbirth.
  • Helps prevent hypertension and gestational diabetes.
  • Promotes the maintenance of a healthy weight at each stage of pregnancy.
  • Prepares the muscles for the effort during childbirth.
  • Promotes a healthy rest.

Statistics from the WHO (World Health Organization) show that mothers who perform recommended sports during pregnancy give birth to newborns with a low fat percentage, better stress tolerance and much more advanced brain maturation.

List of sports recommended in pregnancy

It is possible that you have not practiced any activity before pregnancy, that does not mean that you cannot start now.

Ready to move your body? I present several alternative sports recommended in pregnancy:


It is the ideal activity for those who lead a sedentary life before pregnancy, since it has a low impact. This exercise raises heart rate, strengthens muscles and relieves anxiety.

You can start with short walks of 20 or 30 minutes and gradually increase. It is best to do it at a brisk pace and on flat terrain, so you will avoid losing your balance in a pothole or tripping over rocks.


Swimming is one of the most recommended sports in pregnancy and postpartum. Stay in the water relieves the impact of weight on the joints and at the same time relaxes the muscles.

If you don’t feel like swimming, you can take steps into the water leaning on the edge of the pool or on a railing.

However, it is important to avoid jacuzzis and saunas, nor should you dive or jump from the shore, all these activities put the baby’s health at risk.


the bike It is a good option for beginners., but like the walk, it must be done in flat places. Also, as the pregnancy progresses, it is better to switch to the exercise bike to prevent falls.


This discipline promotes flexibility and improves breathing with each pose. One or two yoga classes a week can help:

  • Increase the resistance of the back muscles and improve posture.
  • Control breathing during and after pregnancy.
  • Strengthen the pelvic floor and the abdominal girdle.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Help to sleep better.

sports during pregnancy

What to do if you already practiced sports?

If you already practiced any exercise before getting pregnant, adjust the training routine in each trimester. For example, women who run can gradually decrease the intensity, especially in the last trimesters where the volume of the abdomen increases rapidly.

Tips for doing sports recommended in pregnancy

The health specialist is the one who will decide to what extent sport is suitable for your pregnancy. If you’re fit for exercise, then keep these tips in mind:

  • Cool and comfortable clothing: wear a good sports bra and cotton clothing that allows you to perspire freely. In Bershka You will find a wide variety of maternity sportswear. In addition, you will look great and your self-esteem will rise.
  • Drink water: hydrate before, during and after exercise.
  • Eat healthy: include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Avoid eating 1 hour before exercise.
  • Watch your movements: do not do sudden exercises, keep a pace in which you feel comfortable and you can breathe calmly.
  • Suitable footwear: choose shoes that are designed for the exercise you practice to promote posture and prevent injuries.

Practice sports safely and always following the recommendations of your trusted doctor. In this way you will enjoy a calm pregnancy full of health and well-being.


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