Real or AI artwork: can you tell the difference? test yourself with this website


It really is fascinating what the AI and many times there is talk of their low capacity to deceive the human eye. And it is that, although it is true that if you look closely you can find faults, this website that we present to you is going to present you with a great challenge.

AI images made with DALL-E, Stable Diffusion and Midjourney is what you will find on the one hand and great artists like Velázquez, Rembrandt or Turner, on the other. Some are easy to recognize, especially if you’re familiar with imaging, but others not so much.

Carlos Santana, aka DotCSV, from whom we got the idea, He leaves us a little trick, counting fingers. And it seems that the AI ​​sometimes forgets the human anatomy. We are also talking about something casual since we will find paintings of all kinds (still lifes, landscapes, sketches…) by artists and periods.

The truth is that It is not as simple as it seems despite the fact that at some point, you either know the painting, or you identify the characteristic style of artists like Monet or Vincent van Gogh (although the replicas with Stable Diffusion are almost exact). After testing the tool and finishing the game in 40 paintings, the hit was 25 (62% of correct answers).

Can you always tell AI art from real old master paintings?

This is the big question that is posed in aiorart, a website that has caused a sensation by putting us in real trouble of not knowing how to distinguish when a work of art is real or created by an AI.

It is true that AI crashes sometimes with respect to the fingers of a human being and it puts more or less, but in the eyes, the AI ​​is also wrong with the alignment and size, as well as in the mouths with the shadows and the intensity of the color. As we already said, they are small tricks that you can use, although there are times when a person does not appear, you are lost.

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Note that it not only has this curious challenge, since you also have the option of selecting, instead of famous paintings, famous phrases of French or English writerswhich could perfectly be generated with ChatGPT, something that already complicates the game at high levels of knowledge.

We wanted to leave one last point for last. And it is that, in reality, you can know if the work is generated by AI or belongs to a painter. To do this, if you right click on the image and open it in a new tab, you will be able to read in the URL who it belongs to, but this is a secret, the idea is not to break the rules.

Real or AI artwork: can you tell the difference?  test yourself with this website

Of course, whatever format you choose, put yourself to the test (without cheating) and see if your eye is as trained as these artificial intelligences are. A pretty fun challenge.


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