Quick Tips and Tweaks to Speed ​​Up Google Chrome Instantly


It may be that Google Chrome is not as fast as it used to be and you need to recover its full potential. Well, you have arrived at the right place, at the perfect time, since we are going to see a series of tips and adjustments to recover the dynamism of this browser.

Telling you that Google Chrome is the most popular and used browser in the world, is not any kind of statement that you do not know. What can be interesting is to know the solutions to the slowdown that after a while suffers sometimes this browser.

The fact that the browser is slower is something extremely annoying and uncomfortable, something that we all want to solve as soon as possible.

It can be due to several factorsbut the truth is that following a series of tips and adjustments rapid you can recover all the performance you had before. Let’s stop preambles and let’s see what those tips are.

Tricks to speed up Google Chrome instantly

Update Chrome

If we have Google Chrome updated, we are guaranteed to have all the latest performance improvements, bug fixes, and security options.

So that Chrome is updatedGoogle has designed a system by which it performs this action in backgroundso it is necessary to close it to be able to enjoy the latest.

Anyway, in the When we have to update we will see a button in the upper right corner from the browser window. Just by pressing it we can update, if we want.

If we don’t see it, then we do click on the three vertical dots from the upper right part of the browser and we are going to Help > About Google Chrome. As we enter, will check for and install updates that are necessary.

Update Chrome

disable extensions

As you well know, the extensions that Chrome has are applets that add different kinds of extra functionality to the browser.

Having too many extensions installed or using poorly optimized ones can affect the performance of Google Chrome, so it is best to disable those that are unnecessary, at least.

They can be disabled in chrome://extensionsto eliminate them one by one by clicking on Remove.

disable extensions

Preload Websites

If we have the web page preloading system, this will make it faster to open them and, therefore, we will have better performance.

When we hover over a link or if the browser predicts that we’re going to visit a website, Chrome starts downloading parts of it so that if we end up going there, it all seems to go much faster than it would if it started reading it in that moment.

To enable this function, we click on the three vertical dots > Settings > Privacy and security > Cookies and other site data.

So we go down, click on Preload pages to navigate and in the next window we select standard preload either extended preload (each one to choose the one they want).

Preload Websites

Energy saving

The main function of the system Energy Saver of Chrome is to make the battery last longer, there is no bigger secret.

This causes the battery to be prioritized over performance. It is a system that is usually configured to turn on when on the laptop 20% battery left.

To enable Energy Saver, we click on the three vertical dots > Settings > Performance. It only remains to activate this option in Energy saving.

Delete certain data

If we delete browsing data, including history, cookies and cached files, we can optimize the computer and improve performance, especially if we haven’t done so for a long time, since there may be damaged or even obsolete files.

To delete the browsing data, click on the tthree vertical dots > Settings > Privacy and security. Now is the time to give in Clear browsing data.

It only remains to choose which of all are those that we are interested in deleting from among Browsing history, Cookies and other data, in addition to Cached files and imagesalthough if you really want to earn the maximum, you should delete everything and in the dropdown Time put Since ever.

Delete data

hardware acceleration

If we use thehardware acceleration we will be telling Chrome to use the computer’s GPU for specific tasks that can benefit from it.

GPUs can take care of everything related to graphics, such as rendering them, animations or video playback.

By offloading some of these tasks from the CPU to the GPU, we will be aware that performance improves, achieving a fluidity that it did not have before, as well as a significant reduction in the use of system resources.

To enable hardware acceleration, we click on the three vertical dots > Settings > System. Here, we must have the option activated Use hardware acceleration when available.

hardware acceleration

reset browser

Restore Chrome to its default settings it can solve practically all the problems that we have about performance or any other issue regarding Google Chrome.

In this way everything will be deleted, although we can recover the bookmarks by re-setting our Google account.

It is much more than possible that by carrying out this somewhat radical method, we will be able to make the performance and fluidity of Chrome return to what it was.

To reset Google Chrome, we click on the three vertical dots > Settings > Reset settings.

Then we will see how the option appears before us Restore original defaults to settings.

Reset Google Chrome

In the next window we only have to click on the blue button reset settings. From there everything will be erased and Chrome will start working as if it were brand new on the device.

With all these ways that we have told you, we will be able to get google chrome performance back to what it was.


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