Prohibited sites where you should never place your WiFi router


Although the router currently offered by our operators usually have the latest technology, there may be dozens of reasons why your Internet connection, especially the Wifiit does not achieve the desired range or stability, and before you blame your operator, perhaps the problem is at home.

And it is that sometimes, something as simple as placing our router in the home, can make the Internet connection not completely stable or that it does not reach any room.

That is why you must take into account a series of elements if you want your router to be located in the right place at home, something that will ensure a good Internet connection we are where we are.

Before you check the following circumstances, you should make sure to check the broadband speed of your own router, with any program that your operator has on the website where you can check the speed.

After having confirmed that it is not a problem with an external fault, it is time for us to place our router in the right place, and we will tell you that inside a closet is not exactly the best option.

And although a router is not exactly a really attractive element and we want to hide it in plain sight, you should never store it, not in a drawer, or in a closet or in any other place.

The router must be in plain sight, without any obstacles around it, so that its WiFi signal is not blocked.

Another thing that you must take into account is that, when placing our router in a place in the house, should be as focused as possible.

In this way, never place the router in one of your end rooms or near the front door. Try to place it in the central point of your house such as the living room.

Other tips and places to avoid

More things that you should take into account, and that is that if you have fish, never place the router next to the fish tank. It has been proven that the fish tank blocks and absorbs all waves, so if you have it there, you are surely browsing at a lower speed.

Not just the fish tank, you should not leave the router near electrical appliances either since they can interfere with the signal, and do not even think about putting the router in the kitchen, because it is the worst place in the whole house.

And now that it’s so cold, surely you have the radiators on, and you should not leave the router next to a radiatornot because it can block the signal, which would not be the case, but because the heat can literally destroy the circuitry of your own router.

So with these tips, you know where to place the router in the right place in your home to always have the best connection to Internet.


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