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There is no better plan than a vacation in the snow. The arrival of winter can only mean one thing: learn to ski.

I confess that since I was little I am a fan of this sport. If you have skied, you will surely understand why I like it so much. But, if you haven’t tried the adrenaline of skiing yet, I recommend that you start planning your next trip in the snow.

Start preparing your bags and follow these practical tips to learn to ski.

Keys to learn to ski

Are you determined to learn to ski? I don’t want to scare you, but I must be honest, the first day is not that easy, you must have a little patience and of course perseverance.

When starting to organize the trip, it is important that you investigate which are the places in Spain dedicated to skiing for beginners. Tourism websites collect this information.

You can look for accommodation with facilities to learn to ski, generally these places offer slopes for learners, a snow garden, ski schools, ski lifts and free transportation.

Where to learn to ski?

Where to learn to ski?There are several stations on the peninsula that are ideal for skiing, some like Candanchú, have the inclination and the necessary equipment for beginners. There are also other sites focused on expert skiers or for all levels.

Each clue is identified with a color that indicates the degree of difficulty: green and blue are for students, red and black are for the more experienced.

When choosing, make sure that where you go you have the right green and blue slopes to learn. I leave you here the best stations in Spain:

  • candanchu
  • Baqueira–Beret
  • Formigal – Panticosa
  • Sierra Nevada
  • Cerler

Tips for learning to ski

After selecting the perfect spot for you, it’s time to prepare yourself physically and mentally to learn to ski. Keep these tips in mind and have fun:

1. Don’t buy, rent

When we decide to learn to ski we want to use the best clothesHowever, being the first time, I recommend you borrow jackets, gloves, etc. from your friends or family, because you don’t know if it will really be a completely pleasant activity for you.

Boots and skis can be rentedin this way you can receive the advice of an expert in terms of size and size to have the perfect equipment and be able to progress in your lessons.

2. Get classes from a professional

There is always a friend, family member or even a partner who is willing to help you, although their intentions are very good, everything could end in arguments and frustration.

So, to have some vacation happy, hire classes at a ski school, there they will assign you a trained professional of this sport to guide you in the learning process. If you go in high season, consider booking your lessons in advance.

Private classes are usually a bit expensive, if you want to save you can take group courses for a cheaper price.

3. Exercise

It may seem difficult to learn to ski, but it is a lot of fun. this is a sport which requires strength and endurance, therefore, before learning to ski, get in shape, doing exercises to tone your muscles and improve breathing. In this way, it will be easier for you to carry the weight of the equipment and make the trips.

You can walk, jog, ride a bike, do weights, yoga or any activity that enhances your physical conditions.

4. Protect your skin from the sun

Concentrating on skiing could make you forget the importance of taking care of your skin in low temperatures. To avoid the side effects of cold and sun, apply sunscreen, moisturizing cosmetics, and lip balms that reduce dry skin.

Nor should you forget the view, because both your skin and your eyes suffer from ultraviolet radiation, choose a model of glasses fashionable dark shades and wear them during all your ski lessons.

5. Safety first

Sliding through the snow is an indescribable sensation that makes you live in freedom and experience the wonders of nature. However, when skiing we must not overlook that we are doing a risky sport and to protect ourselves it is necessary to comply with all safety regulations.

  • Use only the tracks marked for beginners (blue and green)
  • Wear a helmet, gloves and all the safety equipment indicated for skiing.
  • Always keep a safe distance from other skiers
  • If you have questions, ask your monitor

How long can I learn to ski?

How long can I learn to ski?There is no exact time, we are all different and therefore have different learning processes.

When we put on our skis for the first time, we can feel a little scared and it’s completely normal. But, the secret is not to give up!, and have the support of experts who teach you the technique, posture and movements that you must know to start skiing.

The tutorials on the web are also good resources to learn to ski and motivate yourself, you can watch a few before your trip and you will see how you have a little advantage.

Are you ready to learn to ski? Do not forget to follow all the tips! Skiing is loaded with lots of fun and will invite you to take a chance on a new adventure. I am very sure that you will love this sport.


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